Southport Grocery - Improved Online Reviews


Brunch draws an insane demand and while diners taste buds are satisfied, serving a diner who has to wait can be downright painful, regardless of the server’s best efforts. While Southport Grocery and Cafe offered the neighborhood's favorite brunch meals, some visitors were left with a bad taste strictly in terms of the  lengthy wait time and publicly criticized the service staff.


To fix these bad reviews, Southport Grocery & Cafe knew the front-of-house and the back-of-house needed to sync on service perception. NextME’s technology came to the rescue in a big way. Our user-friendly interface allowed SG&C’s staff to be trained with ease. In no time, they were able to provide each diner accurate wait times and address their specific needs. With a well-trained and attentive service staff, SG&C’s Yelp woes shifted and traffic increased as service perception grew from bad to Yelp! celeb status.



boost in positive online reviews

30 min or less

time spent training users


faster than competitor waitlist solutions