Supercharge your next event with an amazing waitlist

NextMe makes it easy for events, conferences, and brand activations to manage their waitlists. Streamline the check-in process and give attendees a predictable and enjoyable waiting experience.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for Events and Experiential Marketing

How waitlist management systems benefit events

Crowds and long lines can turn an otherwise amazing event into a logistical nightmare. With NextMe’s digital waitlist, you can maximize attendee throughput without requiring attendees to stand in line.

Events are expensive, which is why it’s so important to reduce inefficiencies. Exhibitors at events regularly spend upwards of $40K to purchase a booth, airfare, hotels and meals… all for the simple goal connecting with attendees. Maximize the return on this spend by allowing event exhibitors to book more meetings and appointments with attendees, thus ensuring their team’s time is fully-utilized and highly productive.

Eliminate long lines & crowds 

Lines are a thing of the past. With NextMe, attendees receive a text notifying them that they’re next in line. They can either return for their appointment, or cancel. If they cancel, your staff simply moves on to the next guest in the queue. Easy, efficient, and a way more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Capture compliant data for lead generation

Our zero-party data is a compliant and easy way to build customer lists and re-engage with attendees and prospects. With NextMe, you can conveniently export your data to use with other CRM tooling, helping you make the most of the leads you capture.

Boost your brand exposure using a custom virtual waiting room

Create a personalized landing page where attendees can check their position in line and browse your content while they wait. Promote specials, share your social media accounts, and drive traffic to the channels you care about.

Standardize your check-in process to maximize attendee throughput

Our easy-to-use queue and waitlist manager allows you to add attendees’ info twice as fast as the competition. That means better service, fewer walk-outs, and up to 35% higher attendee throughput.

Learn more about the impact we’ve had at other events

NextMe has helped eliminate long lines at South by Southwest, Adult Swim Festival, Comic Con, and many more.

Brand Apart

Brand Apart is a marketing and brand studio that hosts an annual conference featuring “Garages”, showcases that facilitate various types of conversation and connections with experts around new initiatives, tolls,…


BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience allows people to test drive BMW’s latest line of car models and innovations at their race tracks around the US. Exhibitors at The Ultimate Driving Experience…

Next Conference

Hands on Lab is an onsite tech lab at Next Conference where attendees can interact with the latest software offered by Nutanix. Next Conference wanted an easy way for the Hands…


Biostrap approached NextMe to help manage their waitlist of potential customers at the Paleo f(x)™ conference. They needed a way to “prep the line” of potential buyers using a guest…

Hudson Gray

Hudson Gray needed a way to help their client, SYFY, implement an appointment waitlist system to help their staff at Comic Con San Diego prioritize fans who wanted to ride…

Deckel & MoneyPenny

NextMe was tasked with helping Deckel & MoneyPenny’s client, GE Appliances, manage their waitlist of retail stores who wanted to buy their products at wholesale. The goal was to find…

NCompass International

NCompass needed a software solution to manage their waitlist for games and attractions at Adult Swim Festival. NextMe allowed brand ambassadors to book walk-in appointments for various time blocks for different…

South By Southwest

NextMe helped a popup exhibit at SXSW retain 38% more walk-in guests and greatly improve the attendee waiting experience. NextMe partnered with Inc. Media, the only major brand dedicated exclusively…

Holly Clare

Senior Associate at Prophet

“NextMe was incredibly intuitive and easy to use and enabled us to effectively manage attendee flow.”

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