Entertain your customers with an engaging waitlist

NextMe helps entertainment centers maximize their customers’ play time and experience. Our leading waitlist and guest engagement software ensures that your patrons spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your activities, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for Entertainment

How waitlist management systems benefit entertainment centers

Long wait times at entertainment centers can lead to boredom, impatience and even deter potential customers from returning. Whether you’re a bowling center, arcade or golf range, make the most out of your customers’ stay by allowing them to wait freely using a virtual queue and SMS text notifications.

Improve your online reviews by 28% 

NextMe’s waitlist and guest engagement software helps your staff manage queues efficiently, reducing the time customers spend waiting. This leads to happier patrons who are more likely to leave positive reviews, highlighting shorter wait times and more fun customer experiences.

Stay organized and increase customer throughput by 35%

NextMe ensures a fair and organized system to manage your waitlist. Your staff can efficiently manage customers’ expectations while waiting in multiple queues. 

Stay engaged with customers while they wait

Boost your sales using NextMe’s virtual waiting room to upsell your bar, promote loyalty programs and special event bookings including birthday parties while your customers wait. 

Enhance communication

Real-time updates on wait times, position in line and notifications when it’s the customer’s turn reduce frustration and anxiety. Improved communication can help customers plan their visit better with their friends and lead to more word of mouth referrals. 

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