A waitlist designed with healthcare in mind

NextMe makes it easy for clinics, urgent cares, and other healthcare offices to manage their waitlist and get more patients through the door. Streamline your check-in process, stay HIPAA compliant, and give patients a predictable and enjoyable waiting experience.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for Healthcare

How waitlist management systems benefit the healthcare industry

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to waitlist solutions to both keep patients safe and streamline their intake process. NextMe has helped many urgent cares and clinics effectively triage patients, manage appointments, and significantly reduce wait times to ensure timely access to critical medical care.

NextMe not only improves patient satisfaction but also helps prevent crowded waiting rooms and the spread of disease. Providers are able to better allocate resources, reduce operational costs, and streamline care. Additionally, waitlist solutions can facilitate better communication between healthcare providers and patients, keeping them informed about their appointment and when to come in. Ultimately, introducing a waitlist is a win-win for both patients and healthcare organizations, improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Easily triage and organize your waitlist of patients 

With NextMe, you can easily set up unique service lanes and configure a workflow that fits your healthcare setting. By efficiently managing the wait, you’ll reduce no shows and get more patients through the door. Even better, you can easily anonymize your guest data after their visit to use NextMe in a HIPAA compliant way!

Save money on expensive and outdated technology

Whether you’re using pen & paper, pagers, or just calling out names – there’s a better way to wait. Use NextMe on any device, all you need is an internet connection. Providers who switch to NextMe frequently save money and deliver a more enjoyable patient experience.

Boost patient satisfaction by delivering a stress-free waiting experience

Give patients the experience they deserve with NextMe. Set wait time expectations, keep in touch by text, and let patients check their estimated wait time from the convenience of their phone. No more crowded waiting rooms or long lines.

Speed up pre-registration and check-in process using our virtual waiting room

With NextMe, you can have waiting patients fill out digital paperwork while they wait. Capture the information that matters to you while staying compliant with patient privacy laws.

Kasey Osbon

Office Manager at Mid City Pediatrics

Even prior to COVID-19, we’d been looking for a digital waitlist system like NextMe for years. Moving forward, we can now assure our patients that they can wait and check into our facility in a safe and efficient manner.

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