A waitlist for vets and pet services

NextMe makes it simple for veterinary clinics and pet service providers to manage their waitlist and get more furry friends through the door. Streamline your check-in process and give pet owners an easy and enjoyable waiting experience.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for Vets

How waitlist management systems benefit vets

Wait times and long lines are all too common throughout the veterinary industry. Whether you’re a clinic, groomer, or animal urgent care, an inefficient intake process can impact the quality of care provided to animals and the overall experience of their owners.

A waitlist solution can solve many of these issues by streamlining appointment management, reducing no-shows, and improving the customer experience. This means that pet owners can get their pets the care they need without undue delays. NextMe’s powerful waitlist combined with unrivaled customer support makes us the leading choice for the vet industry.

Reduce high call volume for wait times by 40%

There’s nothing worse than a phone ringing off the hook. Using NextMe can help reduce calls and manage customer expectations around wait times.

Standardize your check-in and waitlist process

NextMe makes it simple to define a personalized intake process and educate customers on how and when they should drop-off or pick-up their pet.

Keep your schedule full and increase appointment bookings by 10%

Wave goodbye to vacant time slots. NextMe helps you book more appointments by allowing customers to join the waitlist from your website, QR code, or kiosk.

Personalize the waiting experience using our virtual waiting room

NextMe’s virtual waiting room is a powerful way to engage with your customers as they wait. Instead of standing in line, customers can check their position in line and browse a branded page dedicated to your business and services.

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