Virtual Waiting Room

Imagine waiting in line, but instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone or twiddling your thumbs, you find yourself in a virtual waiting room. It’s not just a placeholder; it’s a clever little space that keeps your guests engaged and entertained while they wait. Linked from their initial text message, guests can check their position in line, browse your services, engage with your socials, and much more. One of our most beloved features, NextMe’s virtual waiting room helps retain upwards of 35% more guests while they wait.

Empower guests to make the most of idle time with your own virtual waiting room

Virtual waiting rooms are the cool hangout spots of the digital world. They’re not just there to kill time; they’re there to make your wait worthwhile. Wait times might be inevitable, but they don’t have to be boring. With NextMe, you have the opportunity to reach your customers at an incredibly opportune time: when they’re both thinking about your business and have time to spare. It’s no wonder why some of our high performing VWRs receive an average of 12 repeat visits from guests during their wait.

Fully branded

Upload your logo, choose your accent colors, and build the page to match your unique style and content goals. It’s like having a mini website without the development hassle. Since your link is included in the initial SMS message your guest receives, there’s no need for guests to download an app.

Easy to customize

You’re in control of the content you want to display. Some popular options include:

✅ Position in Line
✅ Estimated Wait Time
✅ Website & Socials
✅ Services or Menus
✅ Intake Forms
✅ Pre-ordering
✅ Rewards Programs
✅ Deals & Promotions
✅ Local Recommendations

NextMe Virtual Waiting Room Example

Questions about getting things set up?

Read our help center article for a step-by-step guide on configuring your virtual waiting room.