Self Check-in

With self check-in, you can let guests join the wait from the convenience of their phone. Instead of your staff manually inputting names, guests can join from your website, QR scan, or a kiosk at your business. The best part? It’s completely configurable to match your unique workflow.

Your form, your rules

Unlike most waitlist solutions, NextMe gives you the flexibility to customize who joins the waitlist and from where. These options can prevent no shows and unqualified leads from bogging you down.

Customize the display

Pick and choose which intake fields you want to capture and configure the appearance to match your brand. You can also update the messaging and choose whether or not to display an estimated wait time.

Set your waitlist hours

Your form will only be active on the days and time frames that you choose. Outside of these hours, your self check-in link will display a closed message that you can also customize.

Enable a geofence

Set a radius around your business that guests must be within to join the wait. This can be helpful to enforce that guests are physically nearby and more likely to show up.

One link, multiple display options

When you enable self check-in, you’ll get one convenient link dedicated to your form. You have the flexibility to post this link wherever you see fit to drive traffic to your waitlist. Here are a few common display options:

QR Code

Easily generate a QR code that links to your self check-in page and display it on a sign outside your business.


Add a “Join the Waitlist” button to your website and route to your form.


Pull up your self check-in page on a tablet and let guests join the wait from your kiosk device when they walk in.

Questions about getting things set up?

Read our help center article for a step-by-step guide on configuring self check-in.