Powerful Features

Recognize repeat visitors

NextME can recognize returning customers and auto-populate their information, helping speed up service and create opportunities to reward loyalty.

No extra work

All your customers need to do is provide their phone number. No downloads, sign-ups or hassle.

Use multiple devices

Help your staff keep track of waiting customers from anywhere with multi-device syncing on iOS devices.

Book in advance

Easily add future reservations/appointments to your waitlist.

Self Check-in

Your guests can easily check in and add themselves into the queue in person or online.

API Integrations

Create your own custom guest intake form to add guests into the queue using your loyalty app, website, POS system and more!

Best Appointment, Waitlist, and Queue Management System Across Industries

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Intuitive Interface

Our easy-to-use queue and waitlist manager lets staff add customer info 2X as fast as the competition. That means better service, fewer walk-outs, and up to 35% more customers served.

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Wow Them While They Wait

NextME makes it easy to create a more engaging customer experience for everyone who walks through your door. We’ll help you create a customized online storefront and virtual waiting room to promote specials, share your social media accounts, and even boost your eCommerce.

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Custom Reporting

With NextME, you’ll get daily, weekly and monthly reports that can help you streamline almost every part of your customer service. Whether you want to quote wait times more accurately by leveraging your historical data, improve customer retention or more, our tools are built to help your business grow.

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Built for Your Staff to Use

Easily Track Guests in a Clean Layout

Waitlist Syncs Across Multiple Devices

Guests See Your Marketing While They Wait

More Customers, More Opportunities

With NextME in your business, you’ll never worry about waitlists again. We can help get more people through the door, make them happier while they’re inside, and create new ways for you to grow your business. So what are you waiting for?

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