Taking on the wait of the world

NextMe is a modern virtual waiting room that makes it simple for businesses to manage their waitlist and serve more customers. Eliminate long lines and create amazing first impressions, all while saving money on outdated technology. With our easy-to-use waitlist and customer engagement solution, it’s time to grow your business like never before.

Experience a better appointment, waitlist, and queue management system.

Trusted by thousands of high-performing businesses

We’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes unlock new growth and deliver delightful waiting experiences. Southport Grocery & Cafe, a tiny brunch destination, saved over $2,000 by switching to NextMe. A larger chain, Lou Malnati’s, saved upwards of $10,000 across all their locations.

“Customers who leave their reviews online say they love NextMe because it’s very organized and lets them plan their wait time… positive reviews, in turn, bring even more customers.”

Craig B.

Restaurant General Manager

“Rather than have our customers wait in line, we want them spending money at the bar, arcade, or on food. NextMe has made that a reality.”

Ryan B.

Marketing Manager

“NextMe is very easy and intuitive! We were able to teach it to our volunteers quickly. We also loved the customization of adding multiple list types. It works very well for our event.”

Allison S.

Event Director

Why NextMe?

We pride ourselves on helping great businesses thrive

When it comes to choosing a waitlist solution for your business, we hope you’ll find that NextMe stands out from the crowd of corporate technology. We form true partnerships with our customers to help them make meaningful change.

A true partner

We work directly with you to understand and solve your unique business needs. We believe that when your business succeeds, everyone benefits.

Your feedback matters

Everything we build is directly influenced by the feedback we gather from you and other NextMe businesses.

Human support

With NextMe you get unrivaled customer support. No more unanswered emails or hot potato support calls.

Simple and powerful

Don’t get bogged down with a million useless features and upsells. The NextMe waitlist is incredibly easy to use and flexible enough to be seamlessly introduced to any workflow.

Powerful and intuitive features

Recognize repeat visitors

NextMe recognizes returning customers and auto-populates their previous information, helping speed up service and create opportunities to reward loyalty.

Work across multiple devices

Web, tablet, or phone… no problem. Help your staff keep track of waiting customers from anywhere with multi-device syncing on all your devices.

Customize your SMS texts

NextMe can be easily configured to fit your unique workflow. Capture the intake fields that matter most to you and decide how and when you want to communicate.

Enable self check-in

Empower your guests to join the waitlist on their own with a customizable form that you can display via QR code, kiosk, or on your website.

impact you’ll feel

Save money, improve reviews and eliminate long lines

NextMe helps your business work smarter, not harder. Introducing our waitlist solution frequently results in significant cost savings and better customer retention, all while making your business more efficient.


Cost savings over traditional waitlist solutions


Faster guest intake compared to the competition


More customers retained


Increase in positive online reviews


Increase in sales


Engage your guests in real-time with a virtual waiting room

NextMe offers a unique guest engagement feature that let’s you customize a virtual waiting page. Showcase your brand, promote products, and engage with your guests as they check their position in line.

The best waitlist and appointment solution across industries

NextMe is flexible enough to work seamlessly across industries. We’ve helped businesses in over 30+ verticals solve their unique waitlist and appointment needs.

Access insightful Analytics

Understand your business like never before

NextMe has a suite of powerful analytics and reporting tools to help you understand peak hours and staff accordingly. Leverage historical wait times to quote more accurately in the future and build customer profiles to help reward loyalty and engage your repeat customers.

Happy businesses, happy customers

“We have a true partnership and NextMe always thinks about our best interest.”

Craig B.

Restaurant General Manager

“NextMe was incredibly intuitive and easy to use and enabled us to effectively manage attendee flow.”

Holly C.

Senior Event Coordinator

“NextMe’s solution has helped us reach a goal of ensuring that no customers have to wait in line.”

Joe R.

Bowling Alley Owner