Your restaurant deserves a stellar waitlist

NextMe makes it simple for restaurants to manage their waitlist and get more diners through the door. Reduce no shows by 30% and increase table turns by up to 2x, all while delivering a more enjoyable waiting experience.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for Restaurants

How waitlist management systems benefit restaurants

Advances in technology are helping the restaurant industry, with its infamously tight margins, both save money and increase revenue. NextMe is at the forefront of this change, offering both simple and powerful waitlist solutions combined with unrivaled customer support that has become a rarity these days amidst a sea of corporate restaurant technology.

A waitlist solution is a must-have for restaurants in high demand. Diners have come to expect the ease and simplicity that comes with a text-based notification system and your FOH staff shouldn’t have to be scrambling to write names on pen and paper. Perhaps most importantly, a waitlist solution will help your restaurant grow and stay viable in a competitive industry by helping you save money and retain more business.

Seat up to 30% more diners

NextMe helps restaurants reduce no shows and get more patrons through the door. Set expectations and communicate with waiting guests to retain more potential diners who may otherwise walk out the door.

Save money on expensive and outdated technology

Ditch the pager systems and bulky hardware that are costly to replace. You can use NextMe on any device, all you need is an internet connection. You’ll save money and your patrons will thank you.

Increase positive online reviews by 17%

Your FOH experience is the first impression many diners have of your restaurant. Give them the amazing experience they deserve with NextMe. Set wait time expectations, keep in touch with diners by text, and let them check their position in line on your branded virtual waiting room.

Free up staff and streamline your operations

Our waitlist tool has helped reduce wait-related inbound phone calls by 40%, which means less time answering the phone. Our self check-in features make it possible to have fewer staff at the host stand.

Learn more about the impact we’ve had at other restaurants

We’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes unlock new growth. Southport Grocery & Cafe, a tiny brunch destination, saved over $2,000 by switching to NextMe. A larger chain, Lou Malnati’s, saved upwards of $10,000 across all their locations.

Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s

Historically known for providing food service that’s worthy of a 2-hour wait, Lou Malnati’s realized that expanding their business with a similar formula doesn’t scale well. After opening up additional…

Southport Grocery

Southport Grocery

Brunch draws an insane demand and while diners taste buds are satisfied, serving a diner who has to wait can be downright painful, regardless of the server’s best efforts. While…

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner shifted away from old technology and immediately saved $100,000 big ones by replacing the outdated waiting pagers with the NextMe app. While severing ties with expensive pagers,…

Mama Lu’s

Mama Lu’s

Mama Lu’s switched to NextMe from their old system because they saw how much we care about locally-owned restaurants and the experiences they create with their customers. More importantly, they…

Austin Burt

General Manager at Mama Lu’s

The Virtual Waiting Room allows our customers to come in with a game plan and stick to it. Our servers are saving so much time overall.

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