NextME Enhances the Black Bear Diner Experience


Historically known for providing food service that’s worthy of a 2-hour wait, Black Bear Diner realized that expanding their business with a similar formula doesn’t scale well. As the 3rd fastest growing full-service restaurant chain in the U.S, they needed to ensure the same exceptional service while increasing the amount of dedicated diners at each new location.


Black Bear Diner shifted away from old technology and immediately saved $100,000 big ones by replacing the outdated waiting pagers with the NextME app. While severing ties with expensive pagers, Black Bear Diner retained more business with our technology. The additional retention of customers extended peak hours by an additional 30 to 60 minutes.



increase in customer retention (85% NextME retention vs 60% pager retention)


in instant savings

30 - 60 min

extension of peak hours