Waitlist Apps, Online Queues, And The Future Of Event Service

Pandemic restrictions seem to be over (for the most part). Events are back, and attendees are ready to go out and experience live events like concerts, trade shows, brand activations, and everything under the sun.  

However, the need for waitlist apps for event organizers is apparent more than ever, especially since major events are finally back in full swing. From a customer’s perspective, there are a lot of things event organizers need to do differently to keep their customers happy. And it starts with not making them queue. Let me take a moment to explain.

My Experience With A Waitlist App: From Bad Day to Good

I recently attended a live concert. While waiting in line for food, a gentleman spilled his beer on my shirt. Then, he got angry at me and started yelling. If this wasn’t enough, the line was very long, meaning I would miss part of the show to eat. At this moment, I realized waiting in line any longer wasn’t worth it, especially since I paid a lot of money for the ticket. There must be a better way.  

Coincidentally, the next food booth was using a virtual waitlist system. There was a sign with instructions to place your order, and they sent out a text when your food was ready. I was blown away by the experience and left my first 5-star review on Google! I couldn’t help but wonder why more businesses weren’t using the same system. 

To a customer, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re a business owner or event organizer, here’s what you need to do to keep your customers happy at your next big event. 

What To Do: Use A Virtual Waitlist To Eliminate Check-in Issues

These days, customers aren’t interested in waiting in line for anything. While this may seem a bit impractical, the truth is your modern customer is right, especially when it comes to big events with thousands of people. 

The problem with managing waitlists the old-fashioned way is that you’re not prioritizing your customer’s needs. What’s more, is that there are a plethora of digital tools to help you. So, it’s frustrating for customers when event organizers don’t utilize basic techniques to keep us safe and engaged. Not to mention, it reflects very poorly on your brand. 

However, businesses shouldn’t be discouraged. All you need to fix the problem is an effective online queue or virtual waitlist. And it’s all straightforward to set up as well. 

Your customers will be happier, your workers will feel more relaxed, and your business will grow. Next, I’ll explain more about the benefits of queue management systems. Then, I’ll elaborate on how it all works! 

Four Benefits of Waitlist Management Tools

1. Faster and more convenient

Waitlist apps for event organizers eliminate the need for the attendee to wait in line. As a result, attendees can relax and enjoy services and products with zero added stress. It also gives attendees time to interact with your product or service. In addition, you can expect more positive online reviews and brand loyalty. But more on that in a minute. 

2. Contactless check-in is safer

Although covid has calmed down, negative interactions still happen when waiting in line. The only way to avoid potential issues is to let customers wait wherever they want using a digital waiting room. Thanks to contactless check-in, both customers and hardworking employees can go home safe and secure. 

3. Boosted engagement

Considering how humans interact with social media and other digital spaces, it should be no surprise that the same is valid with waiting in line. Virtual waiting rooms allow businesses to engage in real-time with customers. With the NextMe app, you can customize your storefront for each attendee while boosting promotions, social media accounts, and even eCommerce. 

4. Increased service

Waitlist manager tools like the NextMe app help event organizers serve more people. Since the simple interface allows employees to input data twice as fast, you’ll experience fewer walkouts, better service, and more customers! Yay! 

How Virtual Waiting Rooms (‘VWR’s) Work


Step 1: Attendees join the queue in person or online.

Step 2: They receive a text message with a link to the VWR

Step 3: Customers get a notification when the service or product is ready

Step 4: Guests receive next-level service and leave with a good impression 


Other Advantages of NextMe App’s Queue Management System

Identify repeat customers: Our waitlist app software uses technology to identify returning customers. It also automatically generates unique rewards for repeat customers. 

No sign-up required: Part of the beauty of this system is that clients don’t need to sign up for any services or download any applications to use it. All they need is a phone with an active number! 

Self-check-in kiosk: When it comes to increasing throughput, self-check-in kiosks are the best solution. Customers can check in on their phones without the need for any contact or waiting in line. Say goodbye to frustrating long lines and smelling like beer! 

NextMe Customer Fun Facts: 

  • Clients reported an 18% increase in positive online reviews
  • Clients experienced a 44% boost in engagement 
  • Clients saw a 35% boost in customer retention

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