Waitlist App Helps Santa See More Kids this Christmas

Waitlist App Helps Santa See More Kids this Christmas - NextME Virtual WaitlistEven Santa and His Elves Need A Waitlist App

For most kids, waiting in a long line to see Santa is a required part of the Christmas experience. The waiting-in-line part is never fun, especially for the parents, but it’s always been something you have to do if you want to see Santa. After all, every kid wants to put in their gift-requests with the Big Man himself. These days, as Covid continues to threaten our Holiday season, Santa can be slightly harder to get a hold of. Waitlist apps with Virtual Waiting Rooms are helping to keep this Christmas tradition alive. 

Some Challenges Events and Businesses are Facing this Winter:

  • Concerns among visitors regarding safety (Omicron)
  • Long wait times creating overcrowded areas
  • Understaffed and overwhelmed employees
  • Issues managing registration of guests safely and efficiently
  • Challenges communicating with guests before and during events
  • High call volumes about wait times and managing guest expectations

NextME virtual waitlist app has easy, customizable solutions to help manage these challenges. Their queue management system either reduces or eliminates physical lines altogether so that more customers feel safer on the premises - with less staff needed to manage the process. NextME’s Virtual Waiting Room feature also provides guests with engaging and updated information to better manage expectations. Santa’s Annual Holiday Event at Arizona Country Club is a prime example of how NextME can help businesses and events thrive.

Waitlist App Provides Safety and Efficiency for Events

NextMe helped Arizona Country Club implement a self check-in system that almost completely eliminated their lines and overcrowded areas. In past years,  AZCC had a registration desk where each guest had to check-in when they arrived at the location. An employee would then gather the information of each guest and place them in a queue to see Santa. Lines would often form at the entrance, leaving their waiting guests overwhelmed and without updates and event information.  By implementing NextME’s self check-in features and Virtual Waiting Room this year, AZCC saw a shocking improvement in customer experience and staff satisfaction.

Desi Speh, COO and General Manager commented:

 “Using NextMe allows my members to enjoy the event and have more family time and not have to wait in line to see Santa. My team loves it because it empowers our members to sign up for the waitlist themselves. This allows for easy execution and more efficiency at check in!!! Overall an outstanding platform, with great service and everything we need to give the best experience to our membership.”

Here’s how it works:  

Step 1: Guests arrive with their kids on event day ready to meet Santa and his elves. Adults scan a simple QR code upon entry to join the waitlist, being placed in a queue based on the amount of children in the group.

Step 2: Once on the waitlist, guests receive a simple SMS link to the Virtual Waiting Room where they can monitor their position in line and view the Event Schedule. So instead of standing in line, guests are encouraged to enjoy the other activities at the event while they wait. There’s no need to download a separate mobile app for use. 

Step 3: While having loads of Holiday fun, guests receive a text alert that Mr. Claus is ready for them and to start heading back to his location. 

How NextMe’s Waitlist App Can Help Your Business or Event

Things feel a little different right now but consumers continue to look for ways they can attend Holiday events while maintaining some sense of normalcy. Businesses and events are seeking innovative ways to continue the flow of guests safely and successfully. At NextME, we’ve taken our software one step further by helping organizations stay connected to their customers at all times, thus increasing customer retention and overall satisfaction. Beyond helping eliminate long lines, you can improve your customers’ experiences by providing important information as it relates to your establishment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline your business operations in a safe and efficient manner, follow this link to contact us. Together we can tackle the challenges associated with reopening your business or event.

Go head to your local Santa to let him know that you want NextME for Christmas. We're on the nice list.


A Customer's Perspective on Waitlist Apps

It’s official. I hate running errands. But what I dislike even more is waiting in line. Especially since the pandemic. Ugh. Today I visited four locations and had to wait in long queues at each one. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more businesses are struggling to manage customer check-ins and wait times. It’s all so frustrating. And to be honest, I think most customers have had enough.

A Customer's Perspective on Waitlist Apps - NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Waiting in Line Ruins your Day - A Customers Perspective

I’m writing today because I want to share my experience as a waiting customer. I hope that my story will provide a few helpful tips for businesses looking to eliminate unnecessary lines and frustrating waitlists. What could have been a simple day running errands turned out to be full of anxiety and frustration. But is there a better way? Luckily, all signs point to ‘yes.’ 

Stop 1: The Vet

Waiting in a long line is one thing, but staying with a sick pet is, quite frankly, a horrible idea—even for a veterinary clinic. The thing is, if I had known the doctors were running behind schedule, I would have happily waited in my car, where my dog was reasonably comfortable. But there was no communication. Instead, I arrived on time and had to remain in the lobby with a handful of equally sick and restless pets—and their irritated owners. 

If this wasn’t enough, two dogs started fighting, and nobody knew what to do. By the time they called my name, I had waited 45 extra minutes in a highly stressful situation. When your pet is already sick, stress only makes it worse. 

Stop 2: The DMV

Next up was the DMV. While everybody (including myself) knows to expect long lines at the DMV, that didn’t make my second stop any less inconvenient. Understandably, the pandemic has created some chinks in the customer service chain. Believe it or not, we (customers) do get it. But businesses have enough time to figure it out. 

I mean, a numbered ticket printed on a piece of paper doesn’t cut it if you’re already disorganized. Then, the person in front of me lost their ticket and got angry. At this point, I had already waited more than 30 minutes—what a headache. 

Stop 3: The Dispensary

If I had been thinking about it, I would have stopped here first. At least the rest of the day would have been a little bit more bearable. But I didn’t. For those of you that visit dispensaries regularly, you will know it’s not uncommon for the line to wrap around the building. Today was no different. 

Even though I ordered online and got a confirmation through SMS, I still had to wait in line to pay for over an hour. My question is, why aren’t these businesses finding active solutions? Until they do, I will go elsewhere. 

Stop 4: The Restaurant

At the end of a long day, a nice dinner is a perfect way to decompress. Unless, of course, there’s a long line there too! So much for a relaxing meal. 

In the restaurant industry, long lines and wait times are the easiest way to lose a customer. It’s unacceptable. When people are hungry, they need to eat. If wait times do occur, at least have a system set in place that warns customers before it’s too late. It’s not rocket science. 

My advice to businesses: Use a waitlist app to improve customer wait times and the overall check-in experience

Skip the Line and Get More Done with NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Face it, business owners, virtual waiting rooms like those provided by NextME are the future. And queue apps might be the easiest way to manage wait times and customer check-ins effectively. There’s also the bonus of improved social distancing protocols, which is a massive plus for many establishments.

I wrote the article to spread the word about waitlist apps and share how virtual waitlist software can boost your business. The smoother your customer intake is, the more impressed customers are with your business tactics. As a result, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. 

Still not convinced? 

Five benefits of NextME’s waitlist app and virtual waiting rooms

Queue apps provide self-check-in options and virtual waiting rooms that customers genuinely appreciate. Here are a few reasons why NextMe’s waitlist app is an excellent way to grow your business. 

  1. Virtual waiting rooms help your customers feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Waitlist apps provide complete transparency for the check-in process and wait times. 
  3. Virtual waiting rooms minimize the chances of customers spreading covid on site.
  4. Online queues increase customer engagement and WOM. 
  5. Using a waitlist app is less work for your team, thanks to automation.

Want to refer your favorite businesses to the NextME virtual waitlist app? Take a moment to complete the referral form here and help companies take their waitlist, self-check-in, and queue experience to the next level! 


Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Service More Guests

NextME Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Reduce Call Volume by 34%

Cowardin said one reason for these long waits is that people aren’t showing up! She said there have been about 500,000 missed appointments since May.” ABC - WVEC

“It definitely was still more convenient for me to be able to come and wait in the line as opposed to waiting until December,” said LaChe’rel Richardson.WRIC 

DMVs Modernizing with Virtual Waitlist App

Everyone has to go to the DMV eventually. Sure, most people don’t look forward to their upcoming visit. Maybe it’s the lighting? But the truth is, the DMV is a one-of-a-kind place where all types of people expect to collectively wait, most of the time patiently, for their turn to go next. A wait is always expected by visitors because, as we’ve established, everyone has to go eventually. The flow of visitors can never slow down. That is, of course, because the DMV can only take appointments. 

Appointments Causing Problems at DMVs

The pandemic forced many DMVs to shift to an appointments-only model of operations, which limited the number of people they could service each day. Needless to say, the system is backlogged with no way to catch up. With some DMVs reporting a 3 month waiting period for the next available appointment, people are getting frustrated. 30 minutes? Sure. 3 months? Are you kidding me?

Other than problems with booking appointments, DMVs using appointments-only systems are seeing that people are not showing up to them. With some DMVs reporting 15% no show rates, it’s easy to see how this focus on appointments is inefficient. Scarce time and staff resources are wasted when appointments are left open. A waiting customer, for instance, could have easily stepped in the empty space. A DMV in Virginia has experienced 500,000 missed appointments since May, which means 500,000 people in need of services could have been helped during those open time slots. 

Guests Looking for Better Customer Service

When someone finally books an appointment, they expect to be serviced right away, on time. No matter the industry, it’s very hard to stay on time, all the time. In order for a DMV to maintain punctuality, each guest must be on time and the DMV must have a sufficient number of employees to run appointments smoothly. Sadly, both rarely happen. This all leads to poor service and a poor customer experience. Change is underway.

Walk-ins Without Crowded Waiting Rooms

NextME Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Reduce Call Volume, Reduce No-Show Rates & Eliminate Long Lines

A waitlist policy is a much more realistic way of managing expectations. People want the option to wait in line right now. Knowing this, DMVs are not simply looking to return to the pre-pandemic routines, but instead to modernize the walk-in experience we are used to. A physical line with a crowded waiting room is an outdated solution. But a virtual line, with self check-in and Virtual Waiting Room experience, is much more modern and sustainable. As DMVs are starting to allow walk-ins, many are implementing NextME, the most industry-friendly waitlist app, to give their guests and employees the waitlist system they’re asking for. 

South Carolina DMV’s Branch Managers explain: 

NextME works great for walk-ins. Helps tremendously by keeping track of how long guests have waited and how many we have waiting” - Heather B.

With NextME, many of our customers appreciate that they don’t have to wait outside in the rain, heat or cold. Guests can now wait comfortably in their cars and we can reduce congestion outside our buildings - Melissa B.  

Virtual Waitlists Reduce DMV Call Volume by 34%

With the help of NextME, DMVs are standardizing their check-in policies and reducing phone call volume by 34%. This is especially important when dealing with the demand we have at this moment. Checking-in new visitors and taking phone calls takes time away from servicing guests. People are frantically looking to be serviced and have questions answered while DMVs are seeing a limited labor force. NextME’s system gives them that time back. 

Virtual Waitlists Reduce No-Show Rates by 15%

By allowing a walk-in waitlist policy, DMVs can forget about missed appointments. And if they choose to continue offering appointments, they’ll have a virtual line of people waiting to take any open position. Appointment-based systems are not as efficient overall as they don’t allow any flexibility. Statistically, walk-ins are almost always the way to go. 

Pairing the familiar walk-in waitlist policy with NextME’s modern day waitlist system has been proven to streamline the way DMVs function. We’re not saying that all appointments are bad, but they should never be the only option. Drivers test and vision exams usually require appointments. NextME allows its users flexibility to combine their appointments and waitlist management within one software. And if users wish to stick with their own standalone appointment software, NextME can also integrate with third party integrations. 

Interested in learning more about how NextMe’s waitlist system can help your DMV? Follow this link to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand

Veterinary Care Facilities in Need of Queue Management

“Some clinics estimate they are up to 75% busier than they were before the pandemic.” - Chicago Tribune

“Amid heightened tensions, some vet staff have faced aggression from disgruntled pet owners. ‘I had a client, just last Saturday, who threw a milkshake at the front window.” - The Guardian

Millions of isolated Americans have found companionship by adopting whiskered family members over the pandemic. While individuals and families gain a sense of relief from the lockdown’s crushing loneliness, veterinary clinics have experienced a skyrocketing demand for their services. Some hospitals estimate that they are 75% busier now than they were a year ago. The overabundance of dogs and cats has been putting a strain on animal hospitals everywhere, and the small to medium business owners are desperately seeking solutions for how to manage the surplus.

Learn How Modern Waitlist Solutions Help Veterinary Clinics

With lines out the door, waiting rooms packed, and the phones ringing off the hook, veterinary receptionists are fighting an uphill battle right now. With one to two people behind the desk it’s challenging for employees to do it all, let alone cover the incredibly high call volume regarding standard check in procedures.

In many cases a pet owner’s high anxiety, given the condition of their furry family members, and feelings of frustration while waiting for their turn gets projected onto receptionists. The added stress can weigh on these employees to the point that it leads to them quitting and the position experiencing high turnover rates.

To avoid adding to the anxiety pets and their owners already feel, and to aid receptionists from the pressures they receive while trying to onboard new or repeat clients, waitlist apps offer a modern solution. Keep reading to learn how.

Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand - NextME

Expedite Your Check In Process with a Virtual Waitlist

NextME’s Virtual Waitlist app is rapidly being implemented at animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, helping to expedite the check-in process and maintain client satisfaction - even during long waits. Most animal hospitals are increasingly busy and oftentimes short staff members, so wait times and messy check-in processes have been a growing concern. To resolve these issues, a virtual waitlist can help keep things running smoothly while also implementing a sense of order and comfort within the chaos.

A Sick Pet Scenario Benefits From the Virtual Waiting Room

Imagine this scenario. Ferrah Pawcett, the cat, has a horrible tummy ache and her owner, Penelope, is desperate for any kind of help they can receive. They arrive at the veterinary clinic in emotional shambles and need to check in.

Upon arrival, Penelope accesses the virtual waiting room while comfortably parked in front of the clinic. She inputs her information and completes all the necessary paperwork the vet needs in order to see Ferrah Pawcett. During their wait they receive regular updates and are able to access online resources through the veterinarian clinic’s website that relate to the symptoms the cat is showing. Eager for help, they know exactly where they are in the queue and when they’ll be seen by the vet. When the time comes they enter the building and address Ferrah Pawcett’s condition.

Now let’s look at it from the receptionist’s viewpoint. Tammy, the receptionist, sees on the queue that another patient has arrived. She receives all the information she needs virtually and informs the primary veterinarian of the status. While juggling a few other tasks and patients, the waitlist app promptly sends an update to Penelope that it's time to come in for their appointment. Tammy receives Penelope with a smile and helps her into their designated room.

Speed Up Your Intake Process by 300% with NextMe

NextMe’s virtual waitlist app was designed to help patients move through the system. With the intake process being 3x faster, it’s a huge relief for everyone involved. With less calls and stressful interactions within the waiting room, the new technology has helped provide orderly input of pertinent information and an environment workers can continue to flourish in so that they can offer excellent service.

In many ways the new check in process has helped veterinarian care facilities say farewell to the former “wait and pray” method. Instead, self-check-in options for guests, easy to use virtual paperwork, and live updates are streamlining the way they function. Modern day solutions for problems that affect the furry family members we all care about.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can help your animal hospital operate in an efficient and effective manner, follow this link to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Waitlist App Helps Restaurants During Labor Shortages


Restaurant owners have a right to be overwhelmed - It’s not easy doing more with less. Faced with a flurry of staffing issues, owners nationwide are experiencing crippling labor shortages and are looking for new solutions. High turnover rates and wage increases have been driving up costs on already thin margins, making it much more challenging to run a successful business.

To reduce the number of headaches the labor shortage is causing, more independent owners and restaurant groups are utilizing Virtual Waitlist Apps with self-service features to allow guests to easily check in and join the waitlist themselves. It’s a no fuss solution with an extraordinary impact.

Save Time and Labor Costs with Self-Service Waitlist Features

Estimating wait times, adding guests to your waitlist, answering phone calls, and managing swarms of customers during the check in process takes a substantial amount of time. And being understaffed forces employees to jump into new roles, which takes time away from their usual duties. Hosts become servers, managers become line cooks, bartenders become hosts, and the list goes on. In the end, your restaurant isn’t operating at full efficiency, leading to longer wait times and more disarray. NextME’s waitlist system gives you that time back.



NextME’s Virtual Waitlist App provides a new lifeline and foundation of support for your staff. Host unavailable? Not a problem. Display a custom QR code that guests can simply scan on their phone, then fill out their name, number, and party size. Once they do that, they receive your first custom text and are added to the waitlist. All your staff has to do is make sure your seated customers are having a good experience. You can also connect as many devices as you wish to your one account. So if your server needs to be the host, they can easily check the waitlist themselves from their device. Because running a restaurant is a team effort, after all. 

Want a more classic approach? Use NextME’s kiosk feature and display your custom intake form on an iPAD in your entryway. The guest can simply input their information in the same way. Want to use the QR code too? Use both! It doesn’t matter. It’s all about capturing those new customers at your host stand, providing easy options to do so. 

Boost Reviews with Better Communication

If only customers knew that long wait times for tables, food, and drinks are inevitable when you’re understaffed. Aside from the check in process, managing the WAITING customers also takes time away from your workers. And these days, time is short. Ideally, your customer would have more patience regardless but let’s be honest here, that’s rarely the case. With customer complaints about wait times being on the rise, it’s essential to set some updated expectations because it all boils down to convenience and communication. With NextME’s Virtual Waiting Room you can do just that.

How it Works… 

After your guest receives the first text, a link is included that will take them to your custom Virtual Waiting Room. There, you can display their position in line, promote deals, menus, and most importantly, manage expectations. NextME’s Virtual Waiting Room gives you complete control to customize your guest experience and boost your reviews. Customers like to know that you care.

NextMe’s Waitlist App is Dedicated to Solutions That Matter

It’s becoming more clear that restaurants need to adapt and change how they are operating in order to maintain relevance within today’s changing market. By using Self Service Features and Virtual Waitlist solutions at their front of house, business owners are experiencing a boost in customer satisfaction while also reducing the amount of labor needed for the check in process. 

NextMe cares about the evolution of these businesses and is dedicated to helping restaurant owners work through this struggling time by offering solutions that make a difference. Want to see how? Request a demo with us!

Businesses Using NextME Benefit From Post-Covid Boom

“Nearly nine in 10 American travelers have plans to travel in the next six months – a new pandemic high” - Forbes

“Expedia says that travelers plan to spend an average of $3,444 for their next trips” and “42% of travelers are “more hopeful” about travel or drove them to book an upcoming trip.” - Adweek

Americans are traveling again, finally. After many months of forced captivation it’s no surprise that people are ready to go somewhere far, far away. People are road tripping with their families, booking flights to new and exciting destinations, and spending money at businesses along the way.

Due to the influx of demand, the travel industry itself is kind of a “mess” right now, but businesses in destination areas, old and new, don’t mind as they are seeing crowds of customers for the first time in over a year. Knowing that it might have been rough getting there, it's important now for your guests to feel welcome the second they arrive. If there was ever a time to get a waitlist management system, it’s now. Queue it up!

Guest experience is everything, and that starts with the check in/waitlist process. What can I do when I wait? What position am I in line? Can I drink at your bar? After a simple check-in, all of these questions can be answered with your custom Virtual Waiting Room. Aside from the annoyance and discomfort of physical lines, safety is still paramount for some travelers, especially those with unvaccinated children. Eliminating crowds at the door and keeping people informed is a must.

Iconic Restaurant Group Thrives with Virtual Waitlist App

Cheeseburger in Paradise sits right on the beach in Maui and offers, among other things, “great big gooey, five napkin” cheeseburgers in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. Cheeseburger in Paradise, which is in no way affiliated with the famous singer that shall not be named, is tapping into the post-covid travel boom just based on their location alone. 

With wait times stretching over 2 hours, Cheeseburger in Paradise want to keep their waiting guests happy and informed during that time. Before NextME came into the picture, the staff would call people individually and yell out names until their guests made their way back to the restaurant. This, of course, took a lot of time and staff power. More importantly, this method left seats empty when they could be filled more promptly. Since implementing NextME, their table turns have increased by 286%. 

“We’re turning tables much faster because we don’t have to wait for the guest to return. They already know. And the customers enjoy themselves more while they wait, they don’t have to just stand there in line”  - Bryan Bell, Manager

When dealing with long wait times, engagement, and communication are key to improving guest retention. Now guests waiting for a table at Cheeseburger in Paradise can view their position in line through their custom Virtual Waiting Room while they walk around beautiful Lahaina and take in the sites. Most importantly, they can gauge when they need to back so they’re on time for their table when it opens up. Engaged, updated, and on time. 

NextME’s Waitlist Management System Helps Your Bottom Line

After this success, The Cheeseburger Restaurant Group has implemented NextME’s waitlist app at their sister location and their Waikiki Brewery locations all over Hawaii.  Let’s make everyone's vacation a little more special this year, and help your bottom line along the way. Restaurants, bars, retail shops, and bustling businesses across the country are benefiting from how quick, easy, and helpful the app truly is. Cheeseburger in Paradise is just one example of delicious success.

Learn more about how NextME’s system can help boost your business right now by booking a demo with one of our friendly representatives. Itching to get started? Download the app from the app store and start your free trial!

Brewery Flourishes with NextME's Virtual Waiting Room

Brewery Flourishes with NextME's Virtual Waiting Room

Businesses with Outdoor Seating, Get Ready to Thrive with NextME

“The stimulus-fueled economy is rebounding and Americans are again spending on shopping, traveling, and eating out.” - CNN Business

“The economy is just starting a boom period, where second-quarter growth could top 10%, and 2021 could be the strongest year since 1984.” - CNBC News

Capacity limits are lifting, spring is in the air, and people are flocking to local businesses that offer outdoor seating. With a large part of the population vaccinated and the warm weather prompting a sense of comfort, patios are expected to be all the rave. Breweries, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are seeing an influx in business, and those utilizing virtual waiting rooms to help run the show are benefiting. 

Now that your customers are stepping back into the groove of things, it’s important to ensure they have the best experience possible. One way to do this is by implementing innovative solutions that offer up-to-date data, queue management, marketing opportunities, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. The technology is so easy to use it makes Baby Boomers and Gen Xers feel as confident as Millennials when they engage with the software. 

Pyres Brewery in Minneapolis, MN is a perfect example of a business that’s booming after the introduction of NextME’s virtual waitlist platform. The taproom and outdoor beer garden are flourishing with the new change. Alex Krajec, the Bar Manager, calls it an “immediate change for the better. Now the first interaction with our guest is positive, even when there’s a wait. Guests are happy and the hosts are happier than ever.” 


Brewery Flourishes with NextME's Virtual Waiting Room - Pryes Brewery

Local Brewery Benefits From NextME’s Virtual Waitlist App

More is better, until the moment more becomes too much and supply falls victim to exuberant demands. With increasing popularity, people are drawn to locations that provide quality craft beers. And Pyres Brewery is no exception. With more people walking through their doors, it has been inevitable that more people are having to wait, and let’s face it, no one likes waiting. So how has Pyres Brewery been managing the crowds in a way that not only encourages more business, but makes everyone happier throughout the process? They use the NextME app. 

NextME’s self check-in feature allows users to fill out a custom intake form prior to admittance so they can better communicate their preferences. Questions such as whether they would like to sit inside or outside can be addressed, as well as number of guests, seating requirements, and several other pertinent details. 

The online platform allows guests to view the menu from their phones so the second a space is available, they can order their Main Squeeze Blonde Ale or Peace Offering Cold Press Stout. It also can be set up to communicate specials or when a new keg has been tapped to keep patrons engaged with up-to-date information while they wait.

The brewery has been experiencing huge rushes, especially on the weekends. Before NextME, they used Google Sheets to organize their waitlist manually. This was an incredibly tedious and time-consuming process that required them to individually call people when their table was ready. Now the NextME app does this for them. It tracks their queue, relates real-time results, and communicates directly to the customer’s phone once it's their turn to come in. 

So far it has been an absolute success and Ryan Krajac, the Bar Manager, says, “Overall a better experience for everyone.” Which is exactly what every thriving business wants to be able to say at the end of the day. 

How NextMe’s Waitlist App Helps Build Beer-Loving Communities

Waitlist technology has become one of the pandemic’s silver linings. It’s proven to be a viable solution for achieving new standards, connecting clients to valuable information, and helping everyone feel more comfortable as they re-engage with their communities. Breweries, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are benefiting from how quick, easy, and helpful the app truly is. Pyres Brewery being just one example of success.  

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline your business’s operations in a safe and efficient manner, follow this link to contact us. Together we can form long-lasting solutions that promote positive experiences for everyone involved. 


How Veterinarians Can Modernize Intake Process with Virtual Waitlist Apps

Virtual Waitlist App Helps Veterinarian Clinics Operate More Smoothly 

Virtual Waitlist App Helps Veterinarian Clinics Operate More Smoothly - NextME Waitlist App

If the global pandemic were to have a silver lining, the burst of tech innovation it’s brought about would be just that. Health care professionals have been required to alter their intake processes in an efficient and safe manner, and veterinarians are no exception. With most waiting rooms having restricted access and/or being closed, veterinarians implemented virtual waitlist apps to help them manage. The benefits have been eye opening and are presumed to permanently alter the way they do business for the better. 

In the past, waiting rooms at veterinarian clinics were extremely chaotic for an already stressed out, sick or anxious pet and their owner. The plethora of new smells in an unfamiliar area, a negative association with past care, or an interaction with another animal could cause tensions that made the entire experience miserable. However, with the embrace of waitlist technology, it no longer has to be this way. 

After the closure of waiting rooms during the pandemic, veterinarians quickly learned that technologies, such as NextME’s virtual waitlist app, are more than a temporary solution for easing these types of discomforts. They are a new way of doing things that can replace their outdated processes for the following reasons:

  1. The virtual communication platform quickly and efficiently helps the front desk manage an overwhelming amount of phone calls.
  2. The online customizable intake form used during self check-in allows staff to identify each client’s "reason for visit" so they can prioritize care more effectively.
  3. The data the app collects gives management an insight into operations, flow, and wait time averages so they can better prepare their staff for peak hours. 

And most importantly...

  1. Animals and their owners can wait comfortably in their cars or go for a calming walk prior to their appointment, as opposed to being crammed into a waiting room filled with anxious pets and owners.
  2. During the process of waiting, clients have the chance to engage with the clinic’s website and gain access to more useful pet resources. 

What started for veterinarians as an amazing way to minimize face-to-face interactions during the height of the pandemic is turning into a long-term solution.

How Waitlist Technology Works at the Veterinary Clinic

Waitlist technology may sound complicated, but good news, it really isn’t. NextME’s virtual waitlist system is a new category of service that helps veterinarians stay connected to their clients (the scaled, furry, and human ones) at all times, thus increasing overall satisfaction and retention

Here’s How NextME’s Self Check-In Feature Works:

Step 1. Clients check-in virtually by scanning a QR code or using an online widget via the veterinarian clinic’s website. This saves everyone time and energy. 

Step 2. The client receive an SMS text to the custom virtual waiting room where they can view their position in line, fill out any necessary paperwork, and visit the clinic’s website while they wait to learn more about services provided, special offerings, and/or informational tidbits like next step actions given a particular routine procedure. This gives real-time feedback and provides valuable resources to pet owners. 

Step 3. Clients receive a final text to check-in when it’s their turn for service.

Step 4. The veterinarian begins the session and the animal is taken well care of. It’s that simple! 

Another big advantage is reducing the cost of hiring an employee specifically to manage the check-in process via pen and paper. A NextMe client, who is also a veterinarian, was paying minimum wage for someone to oversee client check-ins and paying ~ $19,200 per year (assuming that staff member worked for $10/hour 5 days per week and was full-time). By implementing the waiting list app they saved time and money, while also providing all the other benefits listed above. 

"Pet Check has seen a dramatic increase in client satisfaction. We often have long wait times due to high volumes. Knowing how valuable time is, The NextMe app has given our clients the ability and freedom to utilize their time as they wait to have their furry companions be evaluated by the veterinarian."
                  - Maria Rebbecchi (management)

How NextMe’s Virtual Waitlist App Creates Furr-Ever Relationships

The NextMe Virtual Waitlist app has been helping savvy veterinarians maintain a well-organized and steady flow of appointments, as well as providing their clients with useful information before, during and after sessions to assure optimal care. Beyond the actual appointment, pet owners have the opportunity to engage with the clinic’s website and view alternative resources such as group or individual training sessions, best practices, wellness programs offered, dietary supplements, and so much more. It allows them to link to the vet clinic’s social media account, if applicable, and engage with their local animal community. All-in-all, waitlist technology has become one of the pandemic’s silver linings as it's proven to be a viable solution for achieving new standards, connecting clients to valuable information, and helping them feel a part of their greater animal-loving community.    

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline your veterinarian clinic’s operations in a safe and efficient manner, follow this link to contact us. Together we can form long-lasting solutions that promote furr-ever relationships. 

Waitlist Technology Helps Businesses Reopen Successfully

Mobile Waitlist Apps Help Businesses Thrive in a New Economy

Waitlist Technology Helps Businesses Reopen Successfully - NextME Virtual Waitlist App

There is light at the end of the global pandemic now that vaccinations are being rapidly administered worldwide. And this means businesses are chomping at the bit to reopen in a safe and efficient manner. As spring and the ease of COVID-19 restrictions provide a sense of economic rejuvenation, retail shopping and in-person events will be in high demand. Adjusting to a new normal is to be expected, and adaptive technologies that offer innovative appointment, waitlist, and queue management systems are making it safer and easier to do so.

Some challenges businesses and event organizers are facing include: 

  • Long wait times creating overcrowded areas
  • Customers and local residents complaining about long lines
  • Staff feeling overwhelmed with managing the influx of people
  • Issues managing the higher demand in a fair and orderly fashion
  • Challenges communicating with guests before and during events
  • High call volumes about wait times and the customer check-in process 

NextME virtual waitlist app offers customized solutions to help mitigate and manage these challenges. Their schedule, waitlist, and queue management software provides businesses with innovative solutions that either drastically reduce or eliminate physical lines so that customers feel safer on the premises. They also provide the staff with relevant and useful information so they can create a real-time strategy in managing a higher demand. Popfancy, a boutique creamery and catering business that is famous for their “Fan-Cafe” pop-up events, is a prime example of how NextME can help businesses and events thrive.

Pop-Up Event Benefits From Mobile Waitlist App 

Popfancy hosts booths at Houston’s largest city-wide festivals, fundraisers, trade shows, and events. Their “Fan Cafe” pop-up events focus on niche themes, such as gaming and anime. With their offering of all-natural, ice-cold, healthy desserts in a smattering of gourmet flavor combinations, their popularity has been growing exponentially. With explosive popularity growth comes increasing queues and wait times. In fact, Pop Fancy's last event (before implementing NextME) had lines with wait times of up to 5 hours, which is incredible! To assuage the excessive wait time issue, Popfancy started utilizing stand-by admission software that promotes a virtual line and waiting room. Here's how it works...

Stand-By Admissions Helps Mitigate 5 Hour Wait Times

Waitlist Technology Helps Businesses Reopen Successfully - NextME Virtual Waitlist App - Popfancy Pop-up Events

NextMe helped Fan Cafe pop-up events implement a Stand-By Admissions process that drastically reduced their lines. This, in turn, boosted customer morale, built brand loyalty, eliminated neighborhood complaints, and maintained overall sales. The Stand-By Admissions process is simple and guarantees entrance via an advance reservations line on the event site, or the ability to join a free “virtual standy-by line” on event day. 

Here’s how it works:  

Step 1: Virtual Line opens at 12 PM on Event Day. Attendees visit their website to book a reservation for 1-10 people, join the standy-by admission waitlist, or follow the link provided in their Instagram stories for the most current updates on walk-ins.

Step 2: Once guests are within the queue, they have the freedom to mingle, converse with friends, or do whatever they please as they monitor their position in line via the VWR (Virtual Waiting Room) on their phones via any web browser. There’s no need to download a separate mobile app for use. 

Step 3: Guests receive a text alert and have 1 hour to check in at that time. 

Please note the check in time can be altered to suit your particular businesses’ needs.

The results of implementing this technology were outstanding:

  • 95% positive feedback from the customer base, and 
  • Total sales from the event matching their previous event, which had 2x the number of guests!

Popfancy owner, Chris Doan commented, “This was a total 180 from completely chaotic to smooth. Helped us pace everything out perfectly. Very chill compared to the last event. Very user-friendly. Oh, and we definitely kept up with demand.”

Waitlist Technology Helps Businesses Reopen Successfully - NextME Virtual Waitlist App - Popfancy Implements NextME to Reduce Long Lines

How NextMe’s Virtual Waitlist App Can Help Your Business or Event Business

Things have been closed for over a year and people are ready to do just about anything to return to normalcy. Consumers are looking for ways they can re-engage with the businesses they love and trust, whereby businesses are seeking innovative solutions for how to reopen safely and successfully. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, retail businesses and events are benefiting from the addition or modernization of their outdated waitlist system, and Popfancy is a prime example.

At NextME, we’ve taken our software one step further than reservation platforms. Our virtual waitlist system is a new category of service that helps organizations stay connected to their customers at all times, thus increasing customer retention and overall satisfaction. Beyond helping eliminate long lines that deter and irritate your clientele, you can improve your customers’ experiences by providing important information as it relates to your establishment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline your business operations in a safe and efficient manner, follow this link to contact us. Together we can tackle the challenges associated with reopening your business or event.

Appointment Booking Apps Give Solutions for COVID Vaccination: NextME Virtual Queue App

Appointment Booking Apps Give Solutions for COVID Vaccination

NextME Appointment Queue Helps the Healthcare Industry in Time of Need

Appointment Queue Helps the Healthcare Industry in Time of Need

To say that COVID-19 has changed the landscape of our local and global economies is an understatement, especially when it comes to the healthcare industry and our desperate need for innovative technologies. Governments, scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare sectors of all types have been scrambling for over a year to bring this pandemic to an end. Their focus was first and foremost on the successful creation of a safe and effective vaccination. Now that this has been accomplished, we are turning all of our attention towards how to allocate and distribute limited supplies in a timely and efficient manner to billions of people. 

Providers are currently administering about 1.67 million doses per day according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. At the current pace, authorities are projecting that about half of the U.S. population will be at least partially vaccinated by the end of June, and nearly all by mid-November. To help accelerate these efforts, state and local health departments are turning to online appointment scheduling apps and communication software to help them scale up distribution. 

For instance, New York State’s Am I Eligible site provides an online eligibility form prior to being able to book an appointment. Once pre-approved, the website’s system allows for a limited number of appointments, whereby once they are filled, people go into a virtual “waiting room” that holds their place in line on a first-come, first-served basis. With an increase in traffic, the site has experienced some challenges, however it is dramatically helping healthcare units plan distributions, mitigate crowds, and keep people safe so they can administer COVID vaccinations more efficiently. 

Online Apps & Virtual Waiting Rooms Promote Positive Response 

NextME Virtual Waitlist App: Online Apps & Virtual Waiting Rooms Promote Positive Response 

Scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations has caused a sense of panic for many Americans, especially those within the eligible 65+ age category that are not as tech savvy as younger generations. Senior Living Homes, mobile medical units, hospitals, and pharmacies that are distributing the vaccine are looking for quick and viable solutions to help streamline the process so that more people can gain access to the vaccine. Beyond crowd control and/or managing long term waitlists, they are looking for ways to communicate real-time information in the easiest way possible so that:

  1. Patients are knowledgeable about what they need to do prior to their appointment.
  2. Upon a virtual check-in, they receive and are able to fill out important medical forms online.
  3. There is a virtual “waiting room” that communicates real time status so that patients stay informed as to where they are in line.
  4. In case of a no-show, the time sensitive vaccines are not wasted as the missed appointment can immediately be filled by an applicant within the virtual “waiting room.” 

Socioeconomic status and age, as they relate to access and/or a familiarity with online apps, have added to the fear that many Americans are already experiencing. In response, friends, family members, and volunteers across the U.S. are offering their time and services to provide more equal opportunity. For instance, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker opened call centers to help seniors book vaccine appointments, and in Seattle 17-year-old Arin Jaff began offering help to his immediate community after watching his grandparents struggle. These types of response are both palpable and necessary to achieve timely results that will save lives.  

Today’s Queue Solutions Require a Timely Exchange of Information

Information is incredibly valuable when it comes to booking a vaccination appointment, especially in regards to availability, eligibility, and real time status for long term waitlists. NextME’s appointment booking app is working to make the process as easy as possible for everyone involved, meaning both clients and the public. Their products integrate with other software platforms so that organizations are not required to revamp their entire system in order to receive the benefits of the additional services.  

Below is a high level overview of how NextME can work with other software platforms (without a deep integration) to manage long term waitlists. 

Step 1: Depending on how many vaccines are available, the NextME Administer is able to send out a mass email or text reminder using their preferred appointment software or it informs the contact list to come in on any given day as a walk-in during the hours of operation. 

Step 2: If a patient has an appointment, the administrator can drop NextME's URL into their custom SMS text reminders of their upcoming appointments for patients to check-in once they arrive to their parking lot. 

Step 3: NextME administrator will then see their patients' info populate into their mobile app as they arrive and can swipe and notify each patient to check in. 

NextME’s additional features that make the process even easier include: 

  • Check in QR Codes that walk-in patients can utilize.
  • Leverage our queue filter feature to help administrators triage patients according to their reason for visit
  • A “Geo-Fence” that enables the Client to control the distance a patient has to be from their vaccination site before they can check-in. 
  • The ability to control scheduled hours as to when self check-in forms are available to the public.

How NextMe’s Technology Can Help Mainstream Vaccination Distributions

NextME Virtual Waitlist App: How NextMe’s Technology Can Help Mainstream Vaccination DistributionsAt NextME, we’ve taken our software one step further than reservation platforms. Our virtual waitlist software is a new category of service that helps organizations stay connected to their patients at all times, thus enabling more accurate scheduling processes for long-term waitlists. Beyond helping eliminate crowded waiting rooms, you can improve your customers’ experiences and provide them with important information as it relates to their healthcare.

Our SMS-based technology also provides a simpler solution for less-connected and less-tech savvy populations, such as people aged 65+ and those of lower socioeconomic status. According to 2019 Pew studies, more than 85% of people aged 65+ and 70% of households who make less than $30,000 per year own cell phones. This outpaces the number of people within the above demographic ranges that own computers or have broadband internet access. Unlike most vaccine administration sites and technologies, NextME requires only that patients have a cell phone number that can receive SMS messages in order to join and receive notifications about their place in the waitlist. 

The healthcare industry needs high-level solutions that will enable facilities to widely distribute as many vaccines as possible in an organized and fair manner. Online appointment scheduling and virtual waitlists aim to do precisely that. If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline operations in a safe and efficient manner at your senior living home, mobile medical unit, hospital, and/or pharmacy, follow this link to contact us. Together we can make a difference in the well-being of our global communities.