Waitlist app helps restaurant get ready for PATIO SEASON

Waitlist App Helps Restaurant Serve More Guests

“On the first day using NextME's waitlist app, our main host said ‘Okay, I just tested it, and OH MY GOD - I love this!’  - Lynda Edgeson, Director

Montclair Diner has been a community staple in Montclair, NJ since 1923. It’s also the birthplace of the famed “Whoopi Waffle”, named after Mrs. Goldberg herself, who regularly eats at the restaurant today. Eliot Mosby, a Chicago native, bought the dignified restaurant in May 2019. He has built a new wave of excited customers with spicy new menu items, Live Jazz Brunch Sundays, and an upgraded outdoor PATIO. For the seasoned regulars, he was sure to maintain the hometown feel and fundamental dishes those diners have come to enjoy over the last 99 years.

With so much tradition and history ingrained in the Diner, Mosby is sure to place a strong emphasis on local outreach and giving back to the community. Mosby has raised money and donated food to local hospitals, first responders, and hospitals in need. With the Diner a focal point of the community itself, Mosby continues to bring the community together - and now there's more customers than ever waiting for a table at Montclair Diner.

With food and company this good, wait times at Montclair diner can be over an hour. Patio season is arriving and those wait times are expected to climb even higher. 

Waitlist App keeps hosts and customers happy

Before using NextME’s waitlist app, the hosts at Montclair Diner would take guest names with pen and paper, then yell out names or call guests on their personal phones until the party finally came back to the restaurant. This, of course, was inefficient and disorganized for both staff and the guests. They received phone calls constantly from guests in line and too many no-shows. More importantly, this method does not help to increase revenue.

Since implementing NextME, their table turns have increased by 30-40%, increasing revenue overall.

Lynda Edgeson, the Montclair Diner’s Chief of Staff, mentioned that the hosts no longer have to politely hurry along the lingering guests after their meal because everything is running so smoothly. “There’s just no need to with the increased efficiency,” she proudly exclaimed. “People are spending the same amount of time eating, but we are serving more guests each day”.

Customers at Montclair are more willing to wait now with engagement and updates in their custom Virtual Waiting Room. Montclair utilizes their Virtual Waiting Room by including their updated menu items and specials, community outreach bulletins, and a link to their super popular instagram page to gather even more followers - they currently have over 10k.

“There’s like no more phone calls. Everything is running so smoothly” -Edgeson

When dealing with long wait times, engagement, and communication are key to improving guest retention. Now guests waiting for a table at Montclair diner can view their position in line through their custom Virtual Waiting Room while they walk around the close knit neighborhood and visit other businesses. Most importantly, they can gauge when they need to back so they’re on time for their table when it opens up. Engaged, updated, and on time. 

Modernize your waitlist and increase revenue

Bustling businesses across the country are benefiting from how quick, easy, and helpful NextME’s waitlist app truly is. Montclair Diner is just one example of delicious success.

Learn more about how NextME’s system can help boost your business right now by booking a demo with one of our friendly representatives. Itching to get started? Download the app from the app store and start your free trial!

Waitlist Apps, Online Queues, And The Future Of Event Service

Pandemic restrictions seem to be over (for the most part). Events are back, and attendees are ready to go out and experience live events like concerts, trade shows, brand activations, and everything under the sun.  

However, the need for waitlist apps for event organizers is apparent more than ever, especially since major events are finally back in full swing. From a customer’s perspective, there are a lot of things event organizers need to do differently to keep their customers happy. And it starts with not making them queue. Let me take a moment to explain.

My Experience With A Waitlist App: From Bad Day to Good

I recently attended a live concert. While waiting in line for food, a gentleman spilled his beer on my shirt. Then, he got angry at me and started yelling. If this wasn’t enough, the line was very long, meaning I would miss part of the show to eat. At this moment, I realized waiting in line any longer wasn’t worth it, especially since I paid a lot of money for the ticket. There must be a better way.  

Coincidentally, the next food booth was using a virtual waitlist system. There was a sign with instructions to place your order, and they sent out a text when your food was ready. I was blown away by the experience and left my first 5-star review on Google! I couldn’t help but wonder why more businesses weren’t using the same system. 

To a customer, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re a business owner or event organizer, here’s what you need to do to keep your customers happy at your next big event. 

What To Do: Use A Virtual Waitlist To Eliminate Check-in Issues

These days, customers aren’t interested in waiting in line for anything. While this may seem a bit impractical, the truth is your modern customer is right, especially when it comes to big events with thousands of people. 

The problem with managing waitlists the old-fashioned way is that you're not prioritizing your customer's needs. What’s more, is that there are a plethora of digital tools to help you. So, it's frustrating for customers when event organizers don’t utilize basic techniques to keep us safe and engaged. Not to mention, it reflects very poorly on your brand. 

However, businesses shouldn't be discouraged. All you need to fix the problem is an effective online queue or virtual waitlist. And it’s all straightforward to set up as well. 

Your customers will be happier, your workers will feel more relaxed, and your business will grow. Next, I’ll explain more about the benefits of queue management systems. Then, I’ll elaborate on how it all works! 

Four Benefits of Waitlist Management Tools

1. Faster and more convenient

Waitlist apps for event organizers eliminate the need for the attendee to wait in line. As a result, attendees can relax and enjoy services and products with zero added stress. It also gives attendees time to interact with your product or service. In addition, you can expect more positive online reviews and brand loyalty. But more on that in a minute. 

2. Contactless check-in is safer

Although covid has calmed down, negative interactions still happen when waiting in line. The only way to avoid potential issues is to let customers wait wherever they want using a digital waiting room. Thanks to contactless check-in, both customers and hardworking employees can go home safe and secure. 

3. Boosted engagement

Considering how humans interact with social media and other digital spaces, it should be no surprise that the same is valid with waiting in line. Virtual waiting rooms allow businesses to engage in real-time with customers. With the NextMe app, you can customize your storefront for each attendee while boosting promotions, social media accounts, and even eCommerce. 

4. Increased service

Waitlist manager tools like the NextMe app help event organizers serve more people. Since the simple interface allows employees to input data twice as fast, you’ll experience fewer walkouts, better service, and more customers! Yay! 

How Virtual Waiting Rooms (‘VWR’s) Work


Step 1: Attendees join the queue in person or online.

Step 2: They receive a text message with a link to the VWR

Step 3: Customers get a notification when the service or product is ready

Step 4: Guests receive next-level service and leave with a good impression 


Other Advantages of NextMe App’s Queue Management System

Identify repeat customers: Our waitlist app software uses technology to identify returning customers. It also automatically generates unique rewards for repeat customers. 

No sign-up required: Part of the beauty of this system is that clients don’t need to sign up for any services or download any applications to use it. All they need is a phone with an active number! 

Self-check-in kiosk: When it comes to increasing throughput, self-check-in kiosks are the best solution. Customers can check in on their phones without the need for any contact or waiting in line. Say goodbye to frustrating long lines and smelling like beer! 

NextMe Customer Fun Facts: 

  • Clients reported an 18% increase in positive online reviews
  • Clients experienced a 44% boost in engagement 
  • Clients saw a 35% boost in customer retention

Ready to Set Up Your Virtual Waitlist? Book a Demo with NextMe App Today!

You can read more about how NextMe is helping businesses and event organizers break into the online waiting room space by reading some of our case studies or previous blog posts

NextME provides a digital waiting room via SMS text that enhances and modernizes the customer waiting experience. If you're interested in taking your event or business to the next level, please book a demo today

We service a wide range of clients and pride ourselves on being the best waitlist app across industries. If you’re looking to WOW your customers while they wait, reach out to NextMe for more details. What are you waiting for? 

NextME’s Waitlist App Powers the SXSW XR Experience

Waitlist App Increases Attendee Throughput at SXSW 2022

SXSW 2022 was back in person this year and NextME’s waitlist system was selected to power all 30 immersive projects inside the XR Experience. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, SXSW hadn’t been held physically in 2 years! The annual gathering celebrating the convergence of film, interactive media, and music, can be considered the most anticipated technology event each year. It offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience and 2022 was no exception. 

This year, SXSW 2022 had several exciting exhibitions but the busiest exhibition, with the longest waits, was the XR Experience. XR (Extended Reality) is the umbrella term for AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and MR (mixed reality) - any technology that enhances or replaces our view of the world. An emerging media, XR has come a long way in the last few years. 

The XR Experience showcased a large collection of immersive projects by some of the most talented leaders in this new field. According to Indiewire “SXSW’s lineup provided a particularly eclectic range of masterful work that proved the future of the art form has arrived” -IndieWire. Needless to say, attendees were excited to get in the door and lines were expected to build up almost immediately. To increase throughput of excited attendees, 30 immersive XR experiences used NextME’s waitlist app to manage the week-long event.

The Virtual Waitlist Process:

Step 1. 

Attendants input the phone number and name of guests into NextME’s waitlist app upon arrival. Guests receive a simple SMS text confirmation.

Step 2. 

Attendants are able to manage the waitlist across multiple devices. Guests are able to enjoy the event while they “wait” for their turn.

Step 3. 

When a space opens up, attendants easily notify the next guest with an SMS notification. Guests receive further instructions for how to proceed in a timely manner. 


SXSW Waitlist App Testimonials & Descriptions

Choctaw Code Talkers 1918

Dressed in hyper-realistic WW1 garb, the attendants at the Choctaw Code Talkers 1918 stand next to a large wool tent with the VR experience inside. This project focuses on the first cryptological use of Native American languages as a U.S. military strategy. The experience immerses viewers in the presence of Choctaw soldiers fighting in France, presented in XR360º. Soldiers from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma communicate tactical messages in their native language across battlefield phone lines, helping to turn the tides of war. 

Persuasion Machines

If you would like to see into the hidden world of your data, this experience is for you. Persuasion Machines provides an eye-opening visual experience into how smart devices harvest our personal data and then use it to control and “persuade” us. With surprise collaborator will.i.am., the viewer is put into a virtual smart living room and learns of how major corporations are actively profiting from everything we do online. From the filmmakers of the award winning Netflix documentary, The Great Hack (2019).

We loved partnering with SXSW this year and are thrilled we could allow more viewers experience these amazing projects by increasing efficiency for our Users. And by enhancing and modernizing the waiting experience, those attendees were able to both wait AND experience other projects simultaneously.  If you're interested in taking your event or business to the next level, please book a demo today

Waitlist Apps: Preventing Check-In Issues With One Easy Solution

Guests today may seem a little more impatient than they used to be. And rightfully so on some occasions. Inflation is skyrocketing, businesses are understaffed, and many companies struggle to manage customer check-ins amidst ongoing pandemic restrictions. 

The good news is there’s an increasing amount of waitlist apps and virtual waiting rooms to engage your guests during every step of the check-in process. And I’m here to explain how you can improve the overall customer experience with NextMe’s queue management system

Preventing Check-in Issues with One Easy Solution: The NextMe Waitlist App 

First impressions matter for both new and returning visitors. And guests count the waiting experience as part of their general experience, which is why every business including dispensaries needs to implement a waitlist management app that keeps customers satisfied. 

Below we will explain how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers with a straightforward solution. After that, we’ll take everybody through the entire check-in process one step at a time, using the best waitlist app in existence. Let’s go!

How Your Dispensary Can Streamline the Check-in Process with A Waitlist App

From a customer’s perspective, some businesses need a virtual waiting room more than others. It depends on the nature of your business, what you’re selling, and any restrictions at your location. 

While the information in this article is relevant to any business, we’ve noticed waitlist management apps are convenient for industries facing a lot of logistics, namely cannabis retail.

The cannabis industry faces an intense regulatory framework, not to mention frustrating long lines, and for a good reason. Therefore, the products must be kept safe, and customers need to move in and out as quickly as possible to maximize safety and throughput. Once an order is placed, you need to have an established check-in protocol that’s accessible and user-friendly. 

Otherwise, you’ll run into big problems, fast. 

In my experience, check-in problems arise because customers are confused by constantly changing procedures, so it’s best to choose a simple system and stick to it, which is where our experts step in.

The plus side is the right technological tools are the only thing standing between you and a happy customer base. So, keep reading if you’d like to learn how NextMe’s virtual waiting room and medical appointment app are changing the game for leading cannabis retailers around the USA and beyond. 

6 Powerful Features of Our Virtual Waitlist & Queue Management System

Identify repeat customers: 

The NextME Waitlist App uses innovative technology to pinpoint returning guests, automate reward opportunities, and streamline dispensary services for repeat customers. 

Minimize customer output: 

Clients don’t need to sign up or download any app to use our online queue. All they need is an active phone number and a device. 

Data synching:

Team members will need to access customer information remotely, which is why we designed the NextMe app to sync your dispensary's waitlist data over multiple devices. 

Self-check-in kiosk: 

One of the best ways to increase throughput is through self-check-in methods. Contactless kiosks save time during the waitlist process and allow customers to check in independently. 

API integrations:

Employ additional software interfaces to customize guest intake using your website, loyalty app, and more. 

Other benefits of the NextMe Waitlist App

  • Intelligent interface: Our waitlist manager allows dispensaries to serve up to 35% more customers thanks to its innovative design and simplistic functionality. 
  • Custom reporting: Leverage NextMe’s custom reporting feature to boost the customer experience and increase retention and engagement rates. 

NextMe Waitlist App: Step by Step Instructions For Dispensary Customers

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our waitlist app, despite what you may be thinking. As stated, your patrons at your dispensary won’t even need to download the app because our virtual waiting room works via SMS text. 

Guests only need to follow a few simple steps while placing their order and our powerful app takes care of the rest. There’s no stress, no confusion, no waiting, just make sure your patients know what to do after placing an order! 

Here’s a quick summary of the overall process. 

Step 1: Place your order online.

Step 2: Select your pickup time.

Step 3: Stay by your phone and wait for SMS confirmation.

Step 4: Go to the store at your scheduled time.

Step 5: Check-in using SMS or the self-service kiosk. 

Step 6: Pick up your medicine without waiting in line. 

Step 7: Relax and enjoy your cannabis products!

Ready To Get Started? Streamline Your Throughput with NextMe, The Best Waitlist App Industry-Wide

We’re on a mission to get more people through your doors with smiles on their faces. So, stop sitting around worrying about covid restrictions because now you have the tools to decimate check-in issues and boost customer satisfaction rates. 

Just take a quick moment and click on the link below to book a waitlist app demo today!


Otherwise, read through our various case studies and learn how businesses leverage NextMe’s queue app to eliminate frustrating problems caused by outdated check-in methods. 

Whether you’re looking for help with restaurant waitlist management or you’re interested in finding the best queue management system in the game, our waitlist app is the ideal solution for every industry. 


Why Waitlist Apps Are Replacing Reservation Systems

Can a Waitlist App Replace a Reservation System? 

The short answer: in most cases, yes. 

By now, everyone has heard over and over again how restaurants operate on razor-thin margins and the pandemic has made everything even messier. But most people don’t seem to understand how big of a financial, organizational, and moral blow a no-show can be to the restaurant and staff. 

According to The Wall St Journal, 20% of diners who make reservations never show up. And since the pandemic began, some industry experts think that percentage should be even higher. That’s a HUGE loss night after night, no matter what your margins are. 

The problems that come with diners arriving late or not showing up can be eliminated by just not taking reservations at all (or as frequently). And there’s been an industry shift away from reservations over the last decade. Which begs the question: should you replace your reservation system with a Waitlist app? 


Pro’s of a walk-in only policy:

  • Significantly reduce no-shows
  • Increase your revenue
  • Less overhead costs - Less FOH staff to manage reservations and take calls
  • Faster table turns - no empty seats waiting for reservations
  • More pre-dinner sales at bar
  • Marketing with a Virtual Waiting Room during wait times
  • Scarcity creates exclusivity


Earn more with a Waitlist App

First of all, a wait can be really good marketing. Especially these days, where dining out is seen as entertainment in itself, people are more willing to wait as it has become part of the experience. If you have regular volume and have no problems filling tables, then a walk-in policy can boost your bottom line and save you some headaches. 

Restaurateurs have learned that there’s a need to use new systems to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their investment. (ie. the chairs). By using the queue management system, restaurants are able to make sure each seat is promptly filled when a table opens up, providing updates and information in the custom Virtual Waiting Room. 

“20% to 25%: Estimated revenue bump a busy restaurant receives from allowing walk-ins only, rather than reservations” The Globe and Mail

If you’re going to have a wait, make sure the check in process and wait are as easy and informative as possible. The last thing you want is for your guest to have a BAD wait.

First off, self service check-in options are pretty much mandatory at this point, especially if there’s not always an employee there to greet everyone. Kiosks, QR codes, and website widgets are some of the ways you can enable your guests to easily join the waitlist. Waitlist apps provide custom forms for each of these options, allowing you to gather more relevant information prior to their arrival.

Secondly, make sure to use a waitlist app with a Virtual Waiting Room. That way you can provide a transparent, informative, and engaging wait for your guests. More importantly, with a Virtual Waiting Room, you can market your menus, promotions, upcoming events, social media, and even allow pre-orders. You can display your guests’ position in line and also be informative and directional, letting your guests know exactly what to do while they wait. Monetize the wait if you can!

Find your niche but always use a Waitlist App

But a walk-in only policy doesn’t work for every single restaurant. Each has its own set of customers, culture, layout, etc. So some establishments might find a hybrid model works best, especially the upscale ones. But at the end of the day, proper queue management is necessary to manage those walk-ins. Because without walk-ins, you’re going to be left with empty seats. 

If you are going to allow reservations at your restaurant, you can still use NextME’s reservation feature to save those tables. But make sure you have a backup plan.

For more information, request a demo and speak with an expert. A better waitlist system awaits.

5 Ways To Keep Customers Happy This Winter

A Customer’s Opinion: Start with a Waitlist App

Businesses owners, listen up because winter is setting in, and COVID is hitting harder than ever, meaning customers of every demographic are re-prioritizing 2022, with health and safety at the top of the collective list. 

The truth is, if your business wants to survive post-pandemic, you need to take serious precautions to ensure your customer base feels safe and satisfied. Otherwise, they’re unlikely to return. And that means paying attention to ways you can improve the appointment and waitlist management system during an already challenging winter season. 

While that may seem like an impossible demand, the good news is that most customers agree a simple waitlist app or virtual waiting room is the most straightforward solution to a complex issue plaguing many industries.

First, let me take a moment to explain how customers feel about waiting rooms in the middle of a pandemic and what you can do to keep their business during tough times. After that, you’ll be able to understand how your brand will significantly benefit from utilizing an online queue and virtual waitlist to decimate extended wait times and frustrating check-ins that damage your reputation.

What Customers Expect from Businesses Post-Pandemic

I've noticed a trend when I’m out running errands—all the best businesses started using waitlist management apps, and at this point, it’s safe to say they have more people in their store because of it. 

When speaking with fellow customers about their expectations post-pandemic, it’s clear they want businesses to do everything they can to prevent the spread of covid on-site. Many openly stated that they don’t return to any establishment that doesn’t adhere to covid precautions, which is a common sentiment among customers of every variety these days. 

Aside from maintaining a safe socially-distanced environment, other suggestions to keep customers happy this winter (and beyond) include self-service check-in options, SMS status updates, and warm customer service, all of which I outline in the five tips below. 

Five Ways to Keep your Customers Happy (and coming back) This Winter

1. Keep them safe: Integrate a waitlist app

As Omicron inflicts damage at unprecedented rates, every business must find a way to eliminate crowded waiting rooms and queues requiring customers to stand close to each other. Waitlist apps and virtual waiting rooms are a simple yet effective way to ensure everybody remains at a safe distance while visiting your establishment, and customers love using them too! 

2. Keep them warm: Set up a virtual waiting room  

Virtual Waiting Rooms (VWR) have exploded in popularity since the pandemic, and critical businesses are integrating this technology so customers can wait inside their vehicles rather than a room full of potentially sick people. Virtual waiting rooms like those provided by our NextMe app function alongside SMS text notifications, boosting the customer experience while simultaneously making a safe environment for everyone. And the best part? Customers don’t need to download an app to use it either! 

3. Give them options: Self-service/self-check-in

The best way to make sure all your customers are happy when they leave is to provide self-service/check-in options upon arrival. By giving patrons the choice to check in remotely or face-to-face, everybody feels comfortable choosing the best option. Configuring self-service options is as simple as setting up a quick QR code, online widget, or communication with the receptionist. 

4. Provide updates and information remotely

Virtual waiting rooms and waitlist apps like those provided by NextMe revolutionize queue management for industries across the board. Customers can access virtual waiting rooms with simple SMS text or web links using their preferred browsers. If you’re a customer, this is a massive benefit because it means you don’t need to download an app to use the virtual waiting room. In addition, the interface lets businesses and customers access everything from line status to menus, paperwork, registration forms, FAQs, and more.

5. Be welcoming and respectful

The fifth tip doesn’t involve technology but a bit of personality, and that’s to be warm and welcoming. It’s an effortless task, but many businesses overlook it to the frustration of most of us paying customers. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and people certainly notice, so always remember to treat your customers with respect, especially during difficult times when tension may be high.

Although I’m sure you have heard enough of my opinions, I want to reiterate that it’s essential to find ways to keep your customers safe (and satisfied) this winter. For the most part, businesses are all doing the same thing—leveraging technology like NextMe’s waitlist app and virtual waiting room to provide a way for patrons to check-in and queue with minimal human intervention. 

Whether your company is understaffed, behind on technology, or just plain lost with how to operate a business during a pandemic, the fact is wireless technology has a solution. My aim for the blog was not to say what you're doing wrong but to share some solution-oriented tips from a customer’s perspective so that you can build a better brand over the long term, which is just one click away!

Ready to check out the best appointment, waitlist, and queue management system? Details below!

NextMe App is working to take on the wait of the world with a new and improved approach to appointment, waitlist, and queue management systems. We’ve made it our mission to develop the best queue app in existence to help you take your business to the next level. 

We encourage you to request a demo and speak with one of our waitlist tech experts for more information. Otherwise, pop over to our blog for more articles. Lastly, you can explore our many case studies to learn how we have helped some of America's finest businesses expand their brand with our powerful waitlist app and intuitive virtual waiting room interface.


Waitlist App Helps Santa See More Kids this Christmas

Waitlist App Helps Santa See More Kids this Christmas - NextME Virtual WaitlistEven Santa and His Elves Need A Waitlist App

For most kids, waiting in a long line to see Santa is a required part of the Christmas experience. The waiting-in-line part is never fun, especially for the parents, but it’s always been something you have to do if you want to see Santa. After all, every kid wants to put in their gift-requests with the Big Man himself. These days, as Covid continues to threaten our Holiday season, Santa can be slightly harder to get a hold of. Waitlist apps with Virtual Waiting Rooms are helping to keep this Christmas tradition alive. 

Some Challenges Events and Businesses are Facing this Winter:

  • Concerns among visitors regarding safety (Omicron)
  • Long wait times creating overcrowded areas
  • Understaffed and overwhelmed employees
  • Issues managing registration of guests safely and efficiently
  • Challenges communicating with guests before and during events
  • High call volumes about wait times and managing guest expectations

NextME virtual waitlist app has easy, customizable solutions to help manage these challenges. Their queue management system either reduces or eliminates physical lines altogether so that more customers feel safer on the premises - with less staff needed to manage the process. NextME’s Virtual Waiting Room feature also provides guests with engaging and updated information to better manage expectations. Santa’s Annual Holiday Event at Arizona Country Club is a prime example of how NextME can help businesses and events thrive.

Waitlist App Provides Safety and Efficiency for Events

NextMe helped Arizona Country Club implement a self check-in system that almost completely eliminated their lines and overcrowded areas. In past years,  AZCC had a registration desk where each guest had to check-in when they arrived at the location. An employee would then gather the information of each guest and place them in a queue to see Santa. Lines would often form at the entrance, leaving their waiting guests overwhelmed and without updates and event information.  By implementing NextME’s self check-in features and Virtual Waiting Room this year, AZCC saw a shocking improvement in customer experience and staff satisfaction.

Desi Speh, COO and General Manager commented:

 “Using NextMe allows my members to enjoy the event and have more family time and not have to wait in line to see Santa. My team loves it because it empowers our members to sign up for the waitlist themselves. This allows for easy execution and more efficiency at check in!!! Overall an outstanding platform, with great service and everything we need to give the best experience to our membership.”

Here’s how it works:  

Step 1: Guests arrive with their kids on event day ready to meet Santa and his elves. Adults scan a simple QR code upon entry to join the waitlist, being placed in a queue based on the amount of children in the group.

Step 2: Once on the waitlist, guests receive a simple SMS link to the Virtual Waiting Room where they can monitor their position in line and view the Event Schedule. So instead of standing in line, guests are encouraged to enjoy the other activities at the event while they wait. There’s no need to download a separate mobile app for use. 

Step 3: While having loads of Holiday fun, guests receive a text alert that Mr. Claus is ready for them and to start heading back to his location. 

How NextMe’s Waitlist App Can Help Your Business or Event

Things feel a little different right now but consumers continue to look for ways they can attend Holiday events while maintaining some sense of normalcy. Businesses and events are seeking innovative ways to continue the flow of guests safely and successfully. At NextME, we’ve taken our software one step further by helping organizations stay connected to their customers at all times, thus increasing customer retention and overall satisfaction. Beyond helping eliminate long lines, you can improve your customers’ experiences by providing important information as it relates to your establishment. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can streamline your business operations in a safe and efficient manner, follow this link to contact us. Together we can tackle the challenges associated with reopening your business or event.

Go head to your local Santa to let him know that you want NextME for Christmas. We're on the nice list.


A Customer's Perspective on Waitlist Apps

It’s official. I hate running errands. But what I dislike even more is waiting in line. Especially since the pandemic. Ugh. Today I visited four locations and had to wait in long queues at each one. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more businesses are struggling to manage customer check-ins and wait times. It’s all so frustrating. And to be honest, I think most customers have had enough.

A Customer's Perspective on Waitlist Apps - NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Waiting in Line Ruins your Day - A Customers Perspective

I’m writing today because I want to share my experience as a waiting customer. I hope that my story will provide a few helpful tips for businesses looking to eliminate unnecessary lines and frustrating waitlists. What could have been a simple day running errands turned out to be full of anxiety and frustration. But is there a better way? Luckily, all signs point to ‘yes.’ 

Stop 1: The Vet

Waiting in a long line is one thing, but staying with a sick pet is, quite frankly, a horrible idea—even for a veterinary clinic. The thing is, if I had known the doctors were running behind schedule, I would have happily waited in my car, where my dog was reasonably comfortable. But there was no communication. Instead, I arrived on time and had to remain in the lobby with a handful of equally sick and restless pets—and their irritated owners. 

If this wasn’t enough, two dogs started fighting, and nobody knew what to do. By the time they called my name, I had waited 45 extra minutes in a highly stressful situation. When your pet is already sick, stress only makes it worse. 

Stop 2: The DMV

Next up was the DMV. While everybody (including myself) knows to expect long lines at the DMV, that didn’t make my second stop any less inconvenient. Understandably, the pandemic has created some chinks in the customer service chain. Believe it or not, we (customers) do get it. But businesses have enough time to figure it out. 

I mean, a numbered ticket printed on a piece of paper doesn’t cut it if you’re already disorganized. Then, the person in front of me lost their ticket and got angry. At this point, I had already waited more than 30 minutes—what a headache. 

Stop 3: The Dispensary

If I had been thinking about it, I would have stopped here first. At least the rest of the day would have been a little bit more bearable. But I didn’t. For those of you that visit dispensaries regularly, you will know it’s not uncommon for the line to wrap around the building. Today was no different. 

Even though I ordered online and got a confirmation through SMS, I still had to wait in line to pay for over an hour. My question is, why aren’t these businesses finding active solutions? Until they do, I will go elsewhere. 

Stop 4: The Restaurant

At the end of a long day, a nice dinner is a perfect way to decompress. Unless, of course, there’s a long line there too! So much for a relaxing meal. 

In the restaurant industry, long lines and wait times are the easiest way to lose a customer. It’s unacceptable. When people are hungry, they need to eat. If wait times do occur, at least have a system set in place that warns customers before it’s too late. It’s not rocket science. 

My advice to businesses: Use a waitlist app to improve customer wait times and the overall check-in experience

Skip the Line and Get More Done with NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Face it, business owners, virtual waiting rooms like those provided by NextME are the future. And queue apps might be the easiest way to manage wait times and customer check-ins effectively. There’s also the bonus of improved social distancing protocols, which is a massive plus for many establishments.

I wrote the article to spread the word about waitlist apps and share how virtual waitlist software can boost your business. The smoother your customer intake is, the more impressed customers are with your business tactics. As a result, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. 

Still not convinced? 

Five benefits of NextME’s waitlist app and virtual waiting rooms

Queue apps provide self-check-in options and virtual waiting rooms that customers genuinely appreciate. Here are a few reasons why NextMe’s waitlist app is an excellent way to grow your business. 

  1. Virtual waiting rooms help your customers feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Waitlist apps provide complete transparency for the check-in process and wait times. 
  3. Virtual waiting rooms minimize the chances of customers spreading covid on site.
  4. Online queues increase customer engagement and WOM. 
  5. Using a waitlist app is less work for your team, thanks to automation.

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Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Service More Guests

NextME Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Reduce Call Volume by 34%

Cowardin said one reason for these long waits is that people aren’t showing up! She said there have been about 500,000 missed appointments since May.” ABC - WVEC

“It definitely was still more convenient for me to be able to come and wait in the line as opposed to waiting until December,” said LaChe’rel Richardson.WRIC 

DMVs Modernizing with Virtual Waitlist App

Everyone has to go to the DMV eventually. Sure, most people don’t look forward to their upcoming visit. Maybe it’s the lighting? But the truth is, the DMV is a one-of-a-kind place where all types of people expect to collectively wait, most of the time patiently, for their turn to go next. A wait is always expected by visitors because, as we’ve established, everyone has to go eventually. The flow of visitors can never slow down. That is, of course, because the DMV can only take appointments. 

Appointments Causing Problems at DMVs

The pandemic forced many DMVs to shift to an appointments-only model of operations, which limited the number of people they could service each day. Needless to say, the system is backlogged with no way to catch up. With some DMVs reporting a 3 month waiting period for the next available appointment, people are getting frustrated. 30 minutes? Sure. 3 months? Are you kidding me?

Other than problems with booking appointments, DMVs using appointments-only systems are seeing that people are not showing up to them. With some DMVs reporting 15% no show rates, it’s easy to see how this focus on appointments is inefficient. Scarce time and staff resources are wasted when appointments are left open. A waiting customer, for instance, could have easily stepped in the empty space. A DMV in Virginia has experienced 500,000 missed appointments since May, which means 500,000 people in need of services could have been helped during those open time slots. 

Guests Looking for Better Customer Service

When someone finally books an appointment, they expect to be serviced right away, on time. No matter the industry, it’s very hard to stay on time, all the time. In order for a DMV to maintain punctuality, each guest must be on time and the DMV must have a sufficient number of employees to run appointments smoothly. Sadly, both rarely happen. This all leads to poor service and a poor customer experience. Change is underway.

Walk-ins Without Crowded Waiting Rooms

NextME Virtual Waitlist System Helps DMVs Reduce Call Volume, Reduce No-Show Rates & Eliminate Long Lines

A waitlist policy is a much more realistic way of managing expectations. People want the option to wait in line right now. Knowing this, DMVs are not simply looking to return to the pre-pandemic routines, but instead to modernize the walk-in experience we are used to. A physical line with a crowded waiting room is an outdated solution. But a virtual line, with self check-in and Virtual Waiting Room experience, is much more modern and sustainable. As DMVs are starting to allow walk-ins, many are implementing NextME, the most industry-friendly waitlist app, to give their guests and employees the waitlist system they’re asking for. 

South Carolina DMV’s Branch Managers explain: 

NextME works great for walk-ins. Helps tremendously by keeping track of how long guests have waited and how many we have waiting” - Heather B.

With NextME, many of our customers appreciate that they don’t have to wait outside in the rain, heat or cold. Guests can now wait comfortably in their cars and we can reduce congestion outside our buildings - Melissa B.  

Virtual Waitlists Reduce DMV Call Volume by 34%

With the help of NextME, DMVs are standardizing their check-in policies and reducing phone call volume by 34%. This is especially important when dealing with the demand we have at this moment. Checking-in new visitors and taking phone calls takes time away from servicing guests. People are frantically looking to be serviced and have questions answered while DMVs are seeing a limited labor force. NextME’s system gives them that time back. 

Virtual Waitlists Reduce No-Show Rates by 15%

By allowing a walk-in waitlist policy, DMVs can forget about missed appointments. And if they choose to continue offering appointments, they’ll have a virtual line of people waiting to take any open position. Appointment-based systems are not as efficient overall as they don’t allow any flexibility. Statistically, walk-ins are almost always the way to go. 

Pairing the familiar walk-in waitlist policy with NextME’s modern day waitlist system has been proven to streamline the way DMVs function. We’re not saying that all appointments are bad, but they should never be the only option. Drivers test and vision exams usually require appointments. NextME allows its users flexibility to combine their appointments and waitlist management within one software. And if users wish to stick with their own standalone appointment software, NextME can also integrate with third party integrations. 

Interested in learning more about how NextMe’s waitlist system can help your DMV? Follow this link to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand

Veterinary Care Facilities in Need of Queue Management

“Some clinics estimate they are up to 75% busier than they were before the pandemic.” - Chicago Tribune

“Amid heightened tensions, some vet staff have faced aggression from disgruntled pet owners. ‘I had a client, just last Saturday, who threw a milkshake at the front window.” - The Guardian

Millions of isolated Americans have found companionship by adopting whiskered family members over the pandemic. While individuals and families gain a sense of relief from the lockdown’s crushing loneliness, veterinary clinics have experienced a skyrocketing demand for their services. Some hospitals estimate that they are 75% busier now than they were a year ago. The overabundance of dogs and cats has been putting a strain on animal hospitals everywhere, and the small to medium business owners are desperately seeking solutions for how to manage the surplus.

Learn How Modern Waitlist Solutions Help Veterinary Clinics

With lines out the door, waiting rooms packed, and the phones ringing off the hook, veterinary receptionists are fighting an uphill battle right now. With one to two people behind the desk it’s challenging for employees to do it all, let alone cover the incredibly high call volume regarding standard check in procedures.

In many cases a pet owner’s high anxiety, given the condition of their furry family members, and feelings of frustration while waiting for their turn gets projected onto receptionists. The added stress can weigh on these employees to the point that it leads to them quitting and the position experiencing high turnover rates.

To avoid adding to the anxiety pets and their owners already feel, and to aid receptionists from the pressures they receive while trying to onboard new or repeat clients, waitlist apps offer a modern solution. Keep reading to learn how.

Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand - NextME

Expedite Your Check In Process with a Virtual Waitlist

NextME’s Virtual Waitlist app is rapidly being implemented at animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, helping to expedite the check-in process and maintain client satisfaction - even during long waits. Most animal hospitals are increasingly busy and oftentimes short staff members, so wait times and messy check-in processes have been a growing concern. To resolve these issues, a virtual waitlist can help keep things running smoothly while also implementing a sense of order and comfort within the chaos.

A Sick Pet Scenario Benefits From the Virtual Waiting Room

Imagine this scenario. Ferrah Pawcett, the cat, has a horrible tummy ache and her owner, Penelope, is desperate for any kind of help they can receive. They arrive at the veterinary clinic in emotional shambles and need to check in.

Upon arrival, Penelope accesses the virtual waiting room while comfortably parked in front of the clinic. She inputs her information and completes all the necessary paperwork the vet needs in order to see Ferrah Pawcett. During their wait they receive regular updates and are able to access online resources through the veterinarian clinic’s website that relate to the symptoms the cat is showing. Eager for help, they know exactly where they are in the queue and when they’ll be seen by the vet. When the time comes they enter the building and address Ferrah Pawcett’s condition.

Now let’s look at it from the receptionist’s viewpoint. Tammy, the receptionist, sees on the queue that another patient has arrived. She receives all the information she needs virtually and informs the primary veterinarian of the status. While juggling a few other tasks and patients, the waitlist app promptly sends an update to Penelope that it's time to come in for their appointment. Tammy receives Penelope with a smile and helps her into their designated room.

Speed Up Your Intake Process by 300% with NextMe

NextMe’s virtual waitlist app was designed to help patients move through the system. With the intake process being 3x faster, it’s a huge relief for everyone involved. With less calls and stressful interactions within the waiting room, the new technology has helped provide orderly input of pertinent information and an environment workers can continue to flourish in so that they can offer excellent service.

In many ways the new check in process has helped veterinarian care facilities say farewell to the former “wait and pray” method. Instead, self-check-in options for guests, easy to use virtual paperwork, and live updates are streamlining the way they function. Modern day solutions for problems that affect the furry family members we all care about.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can help your animal hospital operate in an efficient and effective manner, follow this link to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.