Waitlist Apps: Preventing Check-In Issues With One Easy Solution

Guests today may seem a little more impatient than they used to be. And rightfully so on some occasions. Inflation is skyrocketing, businesses are understaffed, and many companies struggle to manage customer check-ins amidst ongoing pandemic restrictions. 

The good news is there’s an increasing amount of waitlist apps and virtual waiting rooms to engage your guests during every step of the check-in process. And I’m here to explain how you can improve the overall customer experience with NextMe’s queue management system

Preventing Check-in Issues with One Easy Solution: The NextMe Waitlist App 

First impressions matter for both new and returning visitors. And guests count the waiting experience as part of their general experience, which is why every business including dispensaries needs to implement a waitlist management app that keeps customers satisfied. 

Below we will explain how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers with a straightforward solution. After that, we’ll take everybody through the entire check-in process one step at a time, using the best waitlist app in existence. Let’s go!

How Your Dispensary Can Streamline the Check-in Process with A Waitlist App

From a customer’s perspective, some businesses need a virtual waiting room more than others. It depends on the nature of your business, what you’re selling, and any restrictions at your location. 

While the information in this article is relevant to any business, we’ve noticed waitlist management apps are convenient for industries facing a lot of logistics, namely cannabis retail.

The cannabis industry faces an intense regulatory framework, not to mention frustrating long lines, and for a good reason. Therefore, the products must be kept safe, and customers need to move in and out as quickly as possible to maximize safety and throughput. Once an order is placed, you need to have an established check-in protocol that’s accessible and user-friendly. 

Otherwise, you’ll run into big problems, fast. 

In my experience, check-in problems arise because customers are confused by constantly changing procedures, so it’s best to choose a simple system and stick to it, which is where our experts step in.

The plus side is the right technological tools are the only thing standing between you and a happy customer base. So, keep reading if you’d like to learn how NextMe’s virtual waiting room and medical appointment app are changing the game for leading cannabis retailers around the USA and beyond. 

6 Powerful Features of Our Virtual Waitlist & Queue Management System

Identify repeat customers: 

The NextME Waitlist App uses innovative technology to pinpoint returning guests, automate reward opportunities, and streamline dispensary services for repeat customers. 

Minimize customer output: 

Clients don’t need to sign up or download any app to use our online queue. All they need is an active phone number and a device. 

Data synching:

Team members will need to access customer information remotely, which is why we designed the NextMe app to sync your dispensary’s waitlist data over multiple devices. 

Self-check-in kiosk: 

One of the best ways to increase throughput is through self-check-in methods. Contactless kiosks save time during the waitlist process and allow customers to check in independently. 

API integrations:

Employ additional software interfaces to customize guest intake using your website, loyalty app, and more. 

Other benefits of the NextMe Waitlist App

  • Intelligent interface: Our waitlist manager allows dispensaries to serve up to 35% more customers thanks to its innovative design and simplistic functionality. 
  • Custom reporting: Leverage NextMe’s custom reporting feature to boost the customer experience and increase retention and engagement rates. 

NextMe Waitlist App: Step by Step Instructions For Dispensary Customers

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use our waitlist app, despite what you may be thinking. As stated, your patrons at your dispensary won’t even need to download the app because our virtual waiting room works via SMS text. 

Guests only need to follow a few simple steps while placing their order and our powerful app takes care of the rest. There’s no stress, no confusion, no waiting, just make sure your patients know what to do after placing an order! 

Here’s a quick summary of the overall process. 

Step 1: Place your order online.

Step 2: Select your pickup time.

Step 3: Stay by your phone and wait for SMS confirmation.

Step 4: Go to the store at your scheduled time.

Step 5: Check-in using SMS or the self-service kiosk. 

Step 6: Pick up your medicine without waiting in line. 

Step 7: Relax and enjoy your cannabis products!

Ready To Get Started? Streamline Your Throughput with NextMe, The Best Waitlist App Industry-Wide

We’re on a mission to get more people through your doors with smiles on their faces. So, stop sitting around worrying about covid restrictions because now you have the tools to decimate check-in issues and boost customer satisfaction rates. 

Just take a quick moment and click on the link below to book a waitlist app demo today!


Otherwise, read through our various case studies and learn how businesses leverage NextMe’s queue app to eliminate frustrating problems caused by outdated check-in methods. 

Whether you’re looking for help with restaurant waitlist management or you’re interested in finding the best queue management system in the game, our waitlist app is the ideal solution for every industry.