Ally Urgent Veterinary Care

Ally Urgent Veterinary Care, located in Virginia Beach, is a bustling veterinary clinic renowned for its high-quality care and prompt service. However, despite their stellar reputation, the clinic faced a significant challenge in managing client wait times and queues, leading to occasional dissatisfaction among pet owners.

NextMe’s Waitlist Software Transforms Ally Urgent Veterinary Care’s Client Experience

The Problem

Ally Urgent Care prides itself on offering swift and efficient service to its furry clientele. However, managing client flow during peak hours posed a persistent challenge. Despite the clinic’s best efforts, clients sometimes faced longer-than-expected wait times, leading to client frustration.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a modern solution to streamline client flow and enhance the overall experience, Ally Urgent Care turned to NextMe’s waitlist software. NextMe’s innovative platform offers real-time waitlist management, allowing businesses to efficiently manage client queues and provide accurate wait time estimates. Upon implementation, Ally integrated NextMe’s waitlist software seamlessly into their operations.

Here’s how the solution transformed their client experience:

Online Check-in

With NextMe, Ally clients can easily join the wait online, reducing the unneeded headache of calling or showing up at the clinic. This significantly improved the experience, with clients praising the transparency and efficiency of the new system.

Real-Time Updates

Ally clients receive real-time updates on their wait status via text messages. Clients also receive notifications when they are ready for service, reducing uncertainty and frustration associated with traditional waiting rooms.

Streamlined Intake

NextMe allows Ally to assign priority ranking to urgent cases and optimize their client triage process. This helps improve staff productivity and resource management, leading to smoother operations and reduced wait times.


Following the integration of NextMe’s waitlist software, Ally Urgent Care witnessed a remarkable transformation in their client experience and online reputation:

22% Increase in Positive Online Reviews

Ally saw a notable increase in positive online reviews, many specifically mentioning the improved wait times and overall client experience.

Enhanced Reputation and Client Loyalty

Ally’s proactive approach to addressing client wait time concerns bolstered its reputation in the community, leading to increased client loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

Improved Operational Efficiency

NextMe’s waitlist software not only enhanced the client experience but also optimized internal operations, resulting in improved staff efficiency and resource utilization.

See it in Action

Visit the Ally Website or read their many 5 star reviews to see first-hand how NextMe is helping their vet clinic thrive!


By leveraging NextMe’s innovative waitlist software, Ally Urgent Pet Care successfully addressed the challenge of managing client wait times and enhanced the overall client experience. The implementation resulted in a significant increase in positive online reviews, solidifying the clinic’s reputation as a leader in prompt and quality pet care services in Virginia Beach! NextMe’s solution not only improved client satisfaction but also streamlined internal operations, demonstrating the positive impact of modern technology in the veterinary industry.


Practice Manager at Ally

NextMe has transformed our operations, seamlessly managing client check-ins and wait times!

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