Finally, a modern waitlist for your DMV

With NextMe’s waitlist and guest engagement software, your guests can join the virtual queue remotely, receive real-time updates on their wait status, and arrive at your DMV when their turn is approaching.

Waitlist and Queue Management App for DMVs

How waitlist management systems benefit DMVs

NextMe’s modern virtual waiting room fosters transparency, as customers can track their progress in the queue, leading to greater satisfaction and reduced frustration for your guests. Our software also enables your staff to better manage their workflow, optimize resource allocation, and efficiently manage guest expectations. 

Increase guest throughput by 25% 

NextMe allows DMVs to maximize the number of people served within a given timeframe, ultimately improving guest throughput and your staffs’ ability to handle a larger volume of guests efficiently. 

Eliminate physical lines and crowded waiting rooms

NextMe significantly cuts down on the time guests spend waiting in physical queues at your DMV. No waiting in lines leads to a more pleasant and efficient experience for visitors. 

Improve communication and reduce phone calls by 40% 

By providing real-time updates and estimated wait times, NextMe enhances transparency and keeps guests informed, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and reduced frustration.

Gain more insights and improve your ops 

Access NextMe’s robust analytics to review valuable data on guest traffic patterns and wait times, enabling you to staff accordingly and improve your processes. Use a data-driven approach to improve your service and operational efficiency. 

Learn more about the impact we’ve had at other DMVs

Read about the impact NextMe had at South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.



During the midst of the pandemic, SCDMV needed to quickly implement a new queue management system to keep their citizens and staff safe while promoting an effective and efficient business…

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