Brand Activations

Brand and Experiential agencies can easily implement NextME’s waitlist technology to significantly improve their fans experience and provide more value to their event services. 

Improve the guest experience and positive reviews by 17% for providing more transparency and personal communication during dreaded wait times.
Standardize the appointment waitlist scheduling process across all of your staff and personnel.
Leverage data around wait times to significantly improve the design of future brand activations and experiences.

Conferences & Trade Shows

Exhibitors spend upwards of $40,000 to purchase a booth, airfare, hotels and meals all for the simple goal of scheduling some time to talk with prospects and demo their product and solution. NextME’s digital waitlist system maximizes return on this spend by allowing event exhibitors to book more meetings and appointments with attendees, thus ensuring their team’s time is fully-utilized and highly productive.

Book up to 35% more 1:1 meetings with existing key clients and new prospects.
Help sales reps effectively qualify leads during wait times and connect with the right prospects.
Wow them while they wait and boost your brands mobile marketing presence by 44%.

How NextME’s Appointment and Queue Management App Works

Attendee added to waitlist

Our easy-to-use queue and waitlist manager lets exhibitors add attendees' info 2X as fast as the competition. That means better service, fewer walk-outs, and up to 35% more guests served.

Attendees engaged while waiting

NextME makes it easy to create a more engaging attendee experience for all types of activations. We’ll help you create a customized online storefront to promote specials, share your social media accounts, and even boost your eCommerce while guests wait.

Attendee confirms or cancels appointment via text

Attendees receive a text notifying them that they're next in line. They can either return for their appointment, or cancel. If they cancel, your staff simply moves on to the next guest in the queue.

You receive powerful analytics

With NextME, you’ll receive robust analytic reports that can help you streamline almost every part of your guest service. Whether you want to quote wait times more accurately by leveraging your historical data, improve attendee retention or more, our tools are built to help your company grow.

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