Mid City Pediatrics

The unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and left businesses, particularly many healthcare clinics, scrambling to create new processes in light of the crisis. NextMe stepped in to help keep patients safe at Mid City Pediatrics.

NextMe Helps Mid City Pediatrics Eliminate Crowded Waiting Rooms and Reduce Spread of Coronavirus

The Need

When Mid City Pediatrics, a physician’s clinic in Louisiana, began testing for COVID-19, they needed to quickly implement new protocols to keep patients and staff as safe as possible. As part of this protocol, they began screening patients at the door, asking patients to fill out virtual paperwork via NextMe, and allowing patients (particularly those who were sick) to wait in their vehicles until they received a text that it was their turn to be seen.

The Outcome

After introducing NextMe at their clinic, Mid City was able to eliminate crowded waiting rooms and fully separate sick patients from well patients, thus reducing the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. They were also able to increase efficiency by using virtual paperwork and an SMS-based appointment waitlist notification system.

Kasey Osbon

Office Manager

Even prior to COVID-19, we’d been looking for a digital waitlist system like NextMe for years. Moving forward, we can now assure our patients that they can wait and check into our facility in a safe and efficient manner.

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