Oasis Cannabis Dispensary

Oasis Dispensary is a premier 24-hour cannabis dispensary located in Downtown Las Vegas. Due to COVID-19, staff members at Oasis were struggling to manage their waitlist of customers waiting remotely in their cars because they were dependent on old fashioned pen and paper clipboards. It was difficult for their staff to easily differentiate customers checking-in for curbside pickups versus in-store services at limited capacity.

NextMe Helps Oasis Cannabis Dispensary Operate Safely During COVID

The Need

Oasis hoped to improve the waitlist experience for both staff and customers and reduce overall complaints. They were also in need of an easier way to check-in customers and text notify guests to increase customer throughput and sales.

The Outcome

After introducing NextMe at their dispensary, Oasis retained more walk-in guests by engaging with them via SMS text notifications during their wait. They were able to standardize the queue management process across all personnel and eliminate crowded waiting rooms to follow the state and CDC guidelines on social distancing. Lastly, they significantly improved communication which increased customer throughput at the dispensary.

Michael H.

Chief Operating Officer

NextMe has been super helpful for controlling customer wait times, and intake. We haven’t had any issue with customers being skipped.

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