How Waitlist Management Systems Benefit Restaurants

Technology is everywhere, from the smartphones we carry with us to the advanced systems in our cars, to the tech in use at places of business large and small. And the restaurant industry is no exception.  Technological advances are helping the restaurant industry, with its infamously tight margins, both save money and increase revenue. Here’s how:

Save Money on Outdated Technology

Ditch the pagers, and instead tap into the technology that most of your diners are already carrying with them anyway. With a waitlist app like NextME, you can replace all of that outdated equipment with a single sleek and sophisticated iPad or iPhone. 

Southport Grocery & Cafe, a tiny brunch destination, saved over $2,000 by switching to NextME. A larger chain, Lou Malnati’s, saved upwards of $10,000 across all their locations.

Keep Guests Engaged to Prevent Walkouts

With NextME, customers can see exactly where they are in line, along with their estimated wait times – all via SMS texts without needing to download a separate app. Additionally, they can browse the menu, check out your current specials, read reviews on your social media pages, and otherwise engage with your brand while they wait. All of this leads to an average of 25% fewer walkouts over all.

Double Your Table Turns

Displaying digital menus to patrons while they wait can significantly cut down on the time spent at the table trying to decide what to order. And since NextME’s customer facing mobile marketing page allows you to display your menu, specials, social media, and other promotional messages to each guest on the waitlist, you can expect tables to turn much faster – up to twice as fast!

Keep Your Front of the House Running Smoothly

Waitlist apps can help eliminate various time sinks for hosts, such as tracking down wayward parties or answering questions about how long the wait will be. This increased staff efficiency means more productivity with fewer FTEs, and a less stressful shift for those working peak hours.

How NextME’s Appointment and Queue Management App Works

Customer added to waitlist

Our easy-to-use queue and waitlist manager lets staff add customer info 2X as fast as the competition. That means better service, fewer walk-outs, and up to 35% more customers served.

Customer engaged while waiting

NextME makes it easy to create a more engaging customer experience for everyone who walks through the door. We’ll help you create a customized online storefront to promote specials, share your social media accounts, and even boost your eCommerce.

Customer confirms or cancels appointment via text

Customers receive a text notifying them that they're next in line. They can either return for their appointment or reservation, or cancel. If they cancel, your staff simply moves on to the next customer in the queue.

You receive powerful analytics

With NextME, you’ll get daily, weekly and monthly reports that can help you streamline almost every part of your customer service. Whether you want to quote wait times more accurately by leveraging your historical data, improve customer retention or more, our tools are built to help your business grow.

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