The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’s (SCDMV) mission is to deliver secure and valid identification, licenses, and property records, while accurately accounting for the receipt and timely distribution of all revenue collected in order to best serve their citizens.  In order to accomplish this mission, SCDMV has partnered with NextMe to administer South Carolina’s motor vehicle laws in an efficient, effective, and professional manner. By leveraging NextMe’s virtual waitlist technology, SCDMV continues to provide the highest levels of customer service in a timely manner to the citizens of South Carolina.

NextMe Helps SCDMV Maintain a Contactless Waiting and Check-In Experience

The Need

During the midst of the pandemic, SCDMV needed to quickly implement a new queue management system to keep their citizens and staff safe while promoting an effective and efficient business intake process. As part of this protocol, SCDMV began checking guests in using our waitlist app at the door, or prompting their guests to join their virtual waitlist using NextMe’s QR code. While waiting in their cars, guests were able to optimize their time by filling out their virtual paperwork via NextMe’s virtual waiting room, all while checking their position in real time. As soon as they were ready to check in, they received a text that it was their turn to be seen.

The Outcome

By introducing NextMe, SCDMV was able to eliminate crowded waiting rooms, thus reducing the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. They enhanced the guest experience by breaking up physical lines so guests can get out of the weather and wait freely in their cars. NextMe also improved SCDMV’s internal communications and increased guest throughput by up to 25%. Their workflow efficiency also increased from using an SMS-based notification system and virtual waiting room to fill out digital paper work.

Heather B.

Branch Manager

NextMe’s virtual waitlist software has helped us improve the guest experience and has increased our guest throughput. The app helps tremendously by keeping track of how long our guests have waited, and how many we have waiting at our DMV.

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