Next Conference

Next Conference hosted by Nutanix is the IT industry’s leading datacenter and cloud conference where Executives, IT infrastructure and operations leaders, architects, devops practitioners and partners learn and discuss state-of-the-art practices on how to build and run enterprise clouds, on their terms, that provide agility and foster innovation to give businesses a competitive edge.

NextME Enhances Next Conference 2019

The Need

Hands on Lab is an onsite tech lab at Next Conference where attendees can interact with the latest software offered by Nutanix. Next Conference wanted an easy way for the Hands on Lab team to manage their waitlist of attendees looking to interact with one of 50 laptops displayed at the conference.

The Outcome

NextMe helped the client book 35% more 1:1 product demos. Next Conference was able to increase their brand awareness using the virtual waiting room and incentivize new app downloads.

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