5 Ways To Keep Customers Happy This Winter

A Customer’s Opinion: Start with a Waitlist App

Businesses owners, listen up because winter is setting in, and COVID is hitting harder than ever, meaning customers of every demographic are re-prioritizing 2022, with health and safety at the top of the collective list. 

The truth is, if your business wants to survive post-pandemic, you need to take serious precautions to ensure your customer base feels safe and satisfied. Otherwise, they’re unlikely to return. And that means paying attention to ways you can improve the appointment and waitlist management system during an already challenging winter season. 

While that may seem like an impossible demand, the good news is that most customers agree a simple waitlist app or virtual waiting room is the most straightforward solution to a complex issue plaguing many industries.

First, let me take a moment to explain how customers feel about waiting rooms in the middle of a pandemic and what you can do to keep their business during tough times. After that, you’ll be able to understand how your brand will significantly benefit from utilizing an online queue and virtual waitlist to decimate extended wait times and frustrating check-ins that damage your reputation.

What Customers Expect from Businesses Post-Pandemic

I’ve noticed a trend when I’m out running errands—all the best businesses started using waitlist management apps, and at this point, it’s safe to say they have more people in their store because of it. 

When speaking with fellow customers about their expectations post-pandemic, it’s clear they want businesses to do everything they can to prevent the spread of covid on-site. Many openly stated that they don’t return to any establishment that doesn’t adhere to covid precautions, which is a common sentiment among customers of every variety these days. 

Aside from maintaining a safe socially-distanced environment, other suggestions to keep customers happy this winter (and beyond) include self-service check-in options, SMS status updates, and warm customer service, all of which I outline in the five tips below. 

Five Ways to Keep your Customers Happy (and coming back) This Winter

1. Keep them safe: Integrate a waitlist app

As Omicron inflicts damage at unprecedented rates, every business must find a way to eliminate crowded waiting rooms and queues requiring customers to stand close to each other. Waitlist apps and virtual waiting rooms are a simple yet effective way to ensure everybody remains at a safe distance while visiting your establishment, and customers love using them too! 

2. Keep them warm: Set up a virtual waiting room  

Virtual Waiting Rooms (VWR) have exploded in popularity since the pandemic, and critical businesses are integrating this technology so customers can wait inside their vehicles rather than a room full of potentially sick people. Virtual waiting rooms like those provided by our NextMe app function alongside SMS text notifications, boosting the customer experience while simultaneously making a safe environment for everyone. And the best part? Customers don’t need to download an app to use it either! 

3. Give them options: Self-service/self-check-in

The best way to make sure all your customers are happy when they leave is to provide self-service/check-in options upon arrival. By giving patrons the choice to check in remotely or face-to-face, everybody feels comfortable choosing the best option. Configuring self-service options is as simple as setting up a quick QR code, online widget, or communication with the receptionist. 

4. Provide updates and information remotely

Virtual waiting rooms and waitlist apps like those provided by NextMe revolutionize queue management for industries across the board. Customers can access virtual waiting rooms with simple SMS text or web links using their preferred browsers. If you’re a customer, this is a massive benefit because it means you don’t need to download an app to use the virtual waiting room. In addition, the interface lets businesses and customers access everything from line status to menus, paperwork, registration forms, FAQs, and more.

5. Be welcoming and respectful

The fifth tip doesn’t involve technology but a bit of personality, and that’s to be warm and welcoming. It’s an effortless task, but many businesses overlook it to the frustration of most of us paying customers. A little bit of kindness goes a long way, and people certainly notice, so always remember to treat your customers with respect, especially during difficult times when tension may be high.

Although I’m sure you have heard enough of my opinions, I want to reiterate that it’s essential to find ways to keep your customers safe (and satisfied) this winter. For the most part, businesses are all doing the same thing—leveraging technology like NextMe’s waitlist app and virtual waiting room to provide a way for patrons to check-in and queue with minimal human intervention. 

Whether your company is understaffed, behind on technology, or just plain lost with how to operate a business during a pandemic, the fact is wireless technology has a solution. My aim for the blog was not to say what you’re doing wrong but to share some solution-oriented tips from a customer’s perspective so that you can build a better brand over the long term, which is just one click away!

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