FAQs for iOS Customers

The questions and answers on this page are for existing iOS customers who use the NextMe mobile app. If you’re using our new web version, please visit our FAQs for Web for answers specific to your platform.

Account Setup

How do I get started?

If you don’t already have a NextMe account, we’re recommending that all new customers sign up for our web version. You can Sign Up for an account to get started. If you do already have a NextMe iOS account, you can Download NextMe from the App Store and login with your existing credentials. Need more assistance? Feel free to give us a call at (877) 639-8631.

What type of hardware do I need?

NextMe’s mobile app is currently compatible with iOS devices (iPad or iPhone). Your customers DO NOT need to download a separate mobile app. A new web version of NextMe compatible with any hardware (including desktop) is also available. You can Sign Up for an account to get started.

Do you have a web version?

Yes! You can Sign Up for an account to get started. If you’re an iOS customer and want to migrate your account, please follow the instructions laid out in this Article or give us a call at (877) 639-8631.

Do my customers need to download an app?

No need for customers to download an app! The iOS app is for businesses and organizations to manage their waitlist of guests. For your guests, they’ll receive a simple SMS text and a weblink to your custom Virtual Waiting Room. As soon as the guest is ready for service, you can send them another SMS text notification to check in.

What are the network requirements?

You are required to have a stable internet connection (Wifi, cellular or hardwired) to use NextMe’s app. Your guests will also need access to mobile connection service in order to receive SMS text notifications.

How do I know what plan will work for me?

NextMe’s legacy pricing is determined by the total number of entries you input into the app on a monthly basis and which features you’re interested in getting started with. Need help picking the best plan that suits your needs? Give us a call at (877) 639-8631.

How can I customize my SMS text notifications?

In the NextMe iOS app’s Settings -> Text Notifications, you can enable, disable and modify your notifications. While we recommend keeping your text message concise to 160 characters, you can include up to 320 characters per text.

How do I get started with the self service QR codes, kiosk and online widget?

One of our support specialists can help you set up your premium self service features so you can get the most out of our platform. Please give us a ring at (877) 639-8631 or email us at [email protected].

How do I customize the Virtual Waiting Room (VWR)?

Here are NextMe’s PDF Guidelines on how to submit your design assets and respective URLs. At this time, we will need a 2 business day notice to deploy your marketing assets on your custom VWR.

Can I customize my own logo and layout?

Yes. NextMe’s Legacy Standard Plan provides the option to co-brand your logo with NextMe while our Legacy Pro and Enterprise Plans include white label branding.

How do I upgrade my free account?

We’re happy to help you upgrade and set up your premium features so you can get the most out of our platform. Please give us a ring at (877) 639-8631 or email us at [email protected].

I signed up on my own, can I get a demo or training material?

We’ll be happy to send you a training guide to help you get started. Please email us at [email protected].

Why haven’t I received my verification email to sign up for NextMe?

Emails can sometimes be filtered by certain email services. If you don’t see NextMe’s email in your inbox, please try checking your spam or junk folder. If you don’t see our email in either folders, please give us a call at (877) 639-8631.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password using the “Forgot Password” option found on the “Sign In” page of the NextMe app. Input your registered phone number into the forgot password field and you will then receive your reset password link via email versus an SMS text message. If you don’t see the email verification link in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.


What is the pricing structure?

NextMe iOS is free for up to 100 entries per month with limited features. After 100 entries, we charge a monthly subscription with no long term contracts.

Can you do specific event pricing?

Yes we can offer a one time license fee. For more info, please contact us at (877) 639-8631 or you can email us at [email protected].

I’m a seasonal business, can I use NextMe?

Yes, we offer flexible month-to-month pricing plans with no long term contracts.

Can I get a discount if I sign up with multiple locations?

Yes. We offer custom enterprise plans that include discounted rates. Give us a call directly at (877) 639-8631.

How do I cancel or pause my account?

Please give us a call at (877) 639-8631.

Advance Bookings

Do my customers have a way to book a reservation in advance themselves?

At this time, your guests will need to contact your business in order to book an appointment.

Can my guests join the waitlist on their own?

Yes they can! Customers can check-in and join the waitlist on their own using our self service QR code, kiosk or online widget that you can embed to your website.


Can you support international numbers?

At the moment, we can only send outbound SMS messages to North American and European phone numbers.

Do you provide help/support if I encounter an issue?

We are happy to help! Please contact us at (877) 639-8631 or you can email us [email protected].

What does NextMe do with all our customer data?

NextMe is dedicated to being a good steward of data. We encrypt all of our data at rest and do not sell your guest information to third parties. For more information on our security and consumer privacy practices, please reach out to us at [email protected].


Do I need WiFi access when using NextMe? What happens if it goes out?

You need to be connected to a strong WiFi connection to use NextMe. If the connection goes out, you can still access your waitlist and your guests phone numbers. We recommend calling each guest to check in similar to how you would using pen and paper.

The app is frozen, how do I troubleshoot?

Try closing out of the app by double tapping the device’s home screen button and swiping up out of the app. Then try reopening the app to restart. If the app continues to freeze, check your internet connection to make sure it’s strong and stable. If the app continues to freeze, please reach out to us directly at (877) 639-8631.

If I close the app will I lose all my customer information?

Closing out of the app for any reason will not result in you losing your progress.