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With NextME’s Virtual Waiting Room, you have a personalized digital storefront that can help your staff make a powerful impression on customers, even during peak hours. All you have to do is design images and pick what you want to promote, and we’ll help you build a website that can turn “waiting” into “wow.” Upload your designs in our simple form below.

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You can create your own designs to highlight specials, share information, or anything else you want to communicate to consumers. And If you don’t want to design them yourself, our marketing team can work with you to build the best experience for your business.

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Say "No" to Downloads

No one needs yet another app on their phone. So rather than building your own expensive app and trying to convince customers to download it, NextME lets you deliver browser-based digital experiences directly through SMS text. All your customers have to do is tap the link in their initial text message, and they can get up to date on everything you need them to know.

Create New Opportunities

Our branded pages are more than marketing: they are a new way to build your brand. Not only can customers track their place in line directly from your page, it also lets you share promotions, news, social media accounts, and increase eCommerce sales.

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