FAQs for Businesses

Have questions? We've got you covered.

NextME is meant for businesses to manage their waitlist. There’s no need for customers to download the app.

Best thing to do is notify the place of business that you’ve found NextME’s digital waitlist and explain the benefits of the new system to both parties. Businesses have an easier way to manage their waitlist and customers can wait happier. If they sign up, we’ll pay you. Learn more.

With the NextME app, you no longer have to shout or remember what customers look like. No more lost or broken pagers that are expensive to replace. Simply download NextME’s app to text customers when their service is ready and retain up to 35% more customers during dreaded wait times.

Download NextME free from the App Store. Then, sign up using the name of your business, business phone number, and your email to get started right away. Simple as that (Your customers waiting in line DO NOT have to download the app). Need more assistance? Feel free to give us a call directly at (877) 639-8631.

NextME currently works on all iOS devices. If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPad mini, feel free to browse affordable refurbished iPads offered by our trusted partner, Gazelle. Depending on your business’s WiFi connection, you might want to consider a device with a carrier service. Need more assistance? Feel free to give us a call directly at (877) 639-8631.

Customers can still be added to the waitlist regardless of providing their mobile numbers, making it easy for the host to manage. They’ll just have to stick around like they traditionally would and wait for their names to be called when their turn comes around.

During waits, customers can track their position in line through a browser link in their initial text. It shows them what place they are in line so that they can manage their distance appropriately. When you notify a guest that their service is nearly ready, they can head back; this will help increase your turnaround times.

Not at all. NextME is the easiest and most intuitive waitlist app on the market. But to make it even easier for you, we’ve created a downloadable training guide for hosts. Feel free to give us a call directly at (877) 639.8631 to receive the appropriate training guide for your business.

Closing out the app for any reason will not lose any info.

At the moment, we can only send outbound SMS messages to North American and European phone numbers.

We offer two-way texting but is limited to avoid bombarding your hosts with guest inquiries. We provide the essential two-way text feature. For example, guests can reply “1” to confirm their reservation or “2” to cancel.

Currently, all consumer data is protected. However, since the marketing feature has been a popular request, we will be including an opt-in-agreement on the guest landing page for customers to provide consent for promotions and advertisement. Opting in will release their data to business partners in the future since they’ve opted to receive marketing and promotional material.

Since we work with a number of different types of businesses, call us today to find the most affordable pricing plan for your needs – (877) 639-8631.

Our emails are sometimes filtered out by certain email services. If we’re not in your inbox, please try checking spam, junk, or the Promotions tab.

Try closing out of the app by double tapping the device’s home screen button and reopening the app. If the app continues to freeze, check your internet connection to make sure it’s strong and secure. If the app continues to freeze, please reach out to us directly at (877) 639-8631.

Yes, you can book a guest for a future date and time in the “Appointments” or “Reservation” module of the app.

Yes, the app will automatically adjust line positions in real-time.

Yes, you can see average wait-times of guests that cancelled in the app’s history module or via email reports. Premium users have an option to review robust analytics about their guest retention rates via NextME’s online dashboard.