With NextME’s attendee engagement page, you have a personalized online storefront that can help your staff make a powerful impression on your leads while they wait for 1:1 meetings at your exhibit. All you have to do is design custom images and pick what you want to promote, and we’ll help you build a mobile website that turn “waiting” into “wow”.

Here’s how it works

Design your images and campaign

You can create your own designs to highlight your company’s specials, share information, and any creative campaigns you want to communicate to attendees while they wait in line.

Say no to downloads

No one needs yet another app on their phone. So rather than building your own expensive app and trying to convince attendees to download it, NextME lets you deliver browser-based digital experiences directly through SMS text. All attendees have to do is tap the link in their initial text message that assures them they’ve been added to the waitlist, and they can get up to date on everything you need them to know.

Create new opportunities

Our branded pages are more than marketing: they are a new way to build your brand. Not only can attendees track their position in line directly from your custom mobile web page, it also lets you share promotions, news, social media accounts, and increase eCommerce sales.

Before you submit your page, make sure you're following our design guidelines.

Download PDF Guidelines
Marketing Collateral

Build Your Page

Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Please upload an image size of 400x400px or larger. A transparent PNG is preferred.

Upload Creative

The dimensions of the landing page are 960x1000 pixels (Please reference the designated mobile marketing page image for details.) After the landing page, the marketing platform scrolls down infinitely. While the dimensions of the width will always remain 960 pixels, the height of the ad is flexible to adjust to your preference. Also, please keep in mind that the ads can link and redirect users to your website, social media pages etc.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Don't want to design the page yourself?

If you don’t want to design this mobile landing page yourself, click below to select one of NextME’s templates.

NextME Templates

Need something a bit more custom?

Contact us today and our marketing team can work with you to custom design the best experience for your exhibit’s attendees!

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