How Waitlist Management Apps Benefit Cannabis Dispensaries

Our virtual waitlist software is currently helping dispensaries across the nation improve the check-in experience for patients and stay compliant with evolving state requirements.

  • Eliminate long lines and improve patient satisfaction and reviews
  • Offer a fun and compelling experience during the wait by showcasing your own branded content
  • Improve the efficiency and throughput of your dispensary to keep sales humming
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Eliminate crowded waiting rooms and long lines

Allow patients to join the waitlist remotely and send them SMS text updates to easily connect and streamline communication during wait times. No need for patients to download a separate app!

Improve patient satisfaction and throughput

Stay engaged with your patients during their wait using a customized virtual waiting room, complete with your own branding and content. Display your menu, promotions, or any info you’d like to share.

Capture important patient data to help you stay compliant

Export analytics reports to better understand how your dispensary is performing and use it to streamline or augment your reporting process.

Our web app is now available for dispensaries to use!

Use NextME on whatever hardware you already have, regardless of device type or operating system.

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Learn how NextME helped Oasis Cannabis...

“NextME has been super helpful for controlling customer wait times, and intake. We haven’t had any issue with customers being skipped.”

– Michael H. COO

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