A Customer’s Perspective on Waitlist Apps

It’s official. I hate running errands. But what I dislike even more is waiting in line. Especially since the pandemic. Ugh. Today I visited four locations and had to wait in long queues at each one. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more businesses are struggling to manage customer check-ins and wait times. It’s all so frustrating. And to be honest, I think most customers have had enough.

A Customer's Perspective on Waitlist Apps - NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Waiting in Line Ruins your Day – A Customers Perspective

I’m writing today because I want to share my experience as a waiting customer. I hope that my story will provide a few helpful tips for businesses looking to eliminate unnecessary lines and frustrating waitlists. What could have been a simple day running errands turned out to be full of anxiety and frustration. But is there a better way? Luckily, all signs point to ‘yes.’ 

Stop 1: The Vet

Waiting in a long line is one thing, but staying with a sick pet is, quite frankly, a horrible idea—even for a veterinary clinic. The thing is, if I had known the doctors were running behind schedule, I would have happily waited in my car, where my dog was reasonably comfortable. But there was no communication. Instead, I arrived on time and had to remain in the lobby with a handful of equally sick and restless pets—and their irritated owners. 

If this wasn’t enough, two dogs started fighting, and nobody knew what to do. By the time they called my name, I had waited 45 extra minutes in a highly stressful situation. When your pet is already sick, stress only makes it worse. 

Stop 2: The DMV

Next up was the DMV. While everybody (including myself) knows to expect long lines at the DMV, that didn’t make my second stop any less inconvenient. Understandably, the pandemic has created some chinks in the customer service chain. Believe it or not, we (customers) do get it. But businesses have enough time to figure it out. 

I mean, a numbered ticket printed on a piece of paper doesn’t cut it if you’re already disorganized. Then, the person in front of me lost their ticket and got angry. At this point, I had already waited more than 30 minutes—what a headache. 

Stop 3: The Dispensary

If I had been thinking about it, I would have stopped here first. At least the rest of the day would have been a little bit more bearable. But I didn’t. For those of you that visit dispensaries regularly, you will know it’s not uncommon for the line to wrap around the building. Today was no different. 

Even though I ordered online and got a confirmation through SMS, I still had to wait in line to pay for over an hour. My question is, why aren’t these businesses finding active solutions? Until they do, I will go elsewhere. 

Stop 4: The Restaurant

At the end of a long day, a nice dinner is a perfect way to decompress. Unless, of course, there’s a long line there too! So much for a relaxing meal. 

In the restaurant industry, long lines and wait times are the easiest way to lose a customer. It’s unacceptable. When people are hungry, they need to eat. If wait times do occur, at least have a system set in place that warns customers before it’s too late. It’s not rocket science. 

My advice to businesses: Use a waitlist app to improve customer wait times and the overall check-in experience

Skip the Line and Get More Done with NextME Virtual Waitlist App

Face it, business owners, virtual waiting rooms like those provided by NextME are the future. And queue apps might be the easiest way to manage wait times and customer check-ins effectively. There’s also the bonus of improved social distancing protocols, which is a massive plus for many establishments.

I wrote the article to spread the word about waitlist apps and share how virtual waitlist software can boost your business. The smoother your customer intake is, the more impressed customers are with your business tactics. As a result, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. 

Still not convinced? 

Five benefits of NextME’s waitlist app and virtual waiting rooms

Queue apps provide self-check-in options and virtual waiting rooms that customers genuinely appreciate. Here are a few reasons why NextMe’s waitlist app is an excellent way to grow your business. 

  1. Virtual waiting rooms help your customers feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Waitlist apps provide complete transparency for the check-in process and wait times. 
  3. Virtual waiting rooms minimize the chances of customers spreading covid on site.
  4. Online queues increase customer engagement and word of mouth. 
  5. Using a waitlist app is less work for your team, thanks to automation.

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