Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand

Veterinary Care Facilities in Need of Queue Management

“Some clinics estimate they are up to 75% busier than they were before the pandemic.” Chicago Tribune

“Amid heightened tensions, some vet staff have faced aggression from disgruntled pet owners. ‘I had a client, just last Saturday, who threw a milkshake at the front window.” – The Guardian

Millions of isolated Americans have found companionship by adopting whiskered family members over the pandemic. While individuals and families gain a sense of relief from the lockdown’s crushing loneliness, veterinary clinics have experienced a skyrocketing demand for their services. Some hospitals estimate that they are 75% busier now than they were a year ago. The overabundance of dogs and cats has been putting a strain on animal hospitals everywhere, and the small to medium business owners are desperately seeking solutions for how to manage the surplus.

Learn How Modern Waitlist Solutions Help Veterinary Clinics

With lines out the door, waiting rooms packed, and the phones ringing off the hook, veterinary receptionists are fighting an uphill battle right now. With one to two people behind the desk it’s challenging for employees to do it all, let alone cover the incredibly high call volume regarding standard check in procedures.

In many cases a pet owner’s high anxiety, given the condition of their furry family members, and feelings of frustration while waiting for their turn gets projected onto receptionists. The added stress can weigh on these employees to the point that it leads to them quitting and the position experiencing high turnover rates.

To avoid adding to the anxiety pets and their owners already feel, and to aid receptionists from the pressures they receive while trying to onboard new or repeat clients, waitlist apps offer a modern solution. Keep reading to learn how.

Waitlist App Helps Animal Hospitals with Surge in Demand - NextME

Expedite Your Check In Process with a Virtual Waitlist

NextME’s Virtual Waitlist app is rapidly being implemented at animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, helping to expedite the check-in process and maintain client satisfaction – even during long waits. Most animal hospitals are increasingly busy and oftentimes short staff members, so wait times and messy check-in processes have been a growing concern. To resolve these issues, a virtual waitlist can help keep things running smoothly while also implementing a sense of order and comfort within the chaos.

A Sick Pet Scenario Benefits From the Virtual Waiting Room

Imagine this scenario. Ferrah Pawcett, the cat, has a horrible tummy ache and her owner, Penelope, is desperate for any kind of help they can receive. They arrive at the veterinary clinic in emotional shambles and need to check in.

Upon arrival, Penelope accesses the virtual waiting room while comfortably parked in front of the clinic. She inputs her information and completes all the necessary paperwork the vet needs in order to see Ferrah Pawcett. During their wait they receive regular updates and are able to access online resources through the veterinarian clinic’s website that relate to the symptoms the cat is showing. Eager for help, they know exactly where they are in the queue and when they’ll be seen by the vet. When the time comes they enter the building and address Ferrah Pawcett’s condition.

Now let’s look at it from the receptionist’s viewpoint. Tammy, the receptionist, sees on the queue that another patient has arrived. She receives all the information she needs virtually and informs the primary veterinarian of the status. While juggling a few other tasks and patients, the waitlist app promptly sends an update to Penelope that it’s time to come in for their appointment. Tammy receives Penelope with a smile and helps her into their designated room.

Speed Up Your Intake Process by 300% with NextMe

NextMe’s virtual waitlist app was designed to help patients move through the system. With the intake process being 3x faster, it’s a huge relief for everyone involved. With less calls and stressful interactions within the waiting room, the new technology has helped provide orderly input of pertinent information and an environment workers can continue to flourish in so that they can offer excellent service.

In many ways the new check in process has helped veterinarian care facilities say farewell to the former “wait and pray” method. Instead, self-check-in options for guests, easy to use virtual paperwork, and live updates are streamlining the way they function. Modern day solutions for problems that affect the furry family members we all care about.

If you’re interested in learning how NextME’s virtual tools can help your animal hospital operate in an efficient and effective manner, follow this link to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.