Best Mobile pp for FOH Restaurant Staff

Most people are sharing apps that list/rate restaurants or tie into food delivery. The NextME app is quite different. The NextME app is one of the greatest apps a diner/patron will never have to download to use. Now, that might sound a little crazy without understanding exactly what NextME is.

NextME is a digital waitlist app that allows people to utilize their cell-phone number to hold their place in line. While there are other similar platforms on the market, most require downloads and sign-ins on the consumers’ end which can be a bit frustrating if the app isn’t something you use on a daily basis. NextME allows you to simply walk in and leave your info. When that information is put into the app, you are sent a text message through the app with a special link (that works on your phone’s mobile web browser) which will show a real time countdown of your position in line. NextME also sends you a text to let you know the host is ready to seat you, and you are prompted to reply to the app via text if you still want your table.

Restaurants love us because on that countdown page for each person on the waitlist, we can place digital menus, videos, partner ads and anything else you want your patron’s eyes on. With that said, the ability to browse the menu in digital form speeds up table turnover, and increases peak hours because diners know what they want and are instantly able to prompt the host.

Diners love us because they shouldn’t have to learn a new system/app every time they want to go out to eat. A cell phone is a device that most, if not all diners have. It just makes sense to build an app around their number.

Ready To Introduce A Digital Waitlist App To Your Restaurant Employees?
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It’s time to say goodbye to outdated pager systems! Try a 14-day FREE trial of NextME and replace your expensive pager system with SMS text!

How to Plan for Mother’s Day Brunch

Do you know your mom’s favorite brunch spot or restaurant? Have you heard her often say, “I’ve always wanted to try this place out, but no one wants to come with me!” Your mother has fed you well your whole life, it’s time to return the favor this Mother’s Day.

Once you narrow down your mom’s favorite restaurant, the next step is to make a reservation. Most of the restaurants are usually busy on Mother’s Day. If you make a reservation in advance, you won’t have to wait in line. If you don’t, you could risk your mom being “hangry,” as she waits hours for the next table to open up. So you go ahead and call the restaurant only to find out that your mom’s favorite restaurant takes no advance reservations. You get all stressed out, hoping that the restaurant is not over crowded. But no need to worry!

NextME, the simplest digital wait list app, allows you to hold your place in line with just your cellphone. The app sends you a text message confirming your placement on the list and provides a link to a countdown clock for you and your mom. The best part is you don’t have to download the app. You will just have to come to restaurant that’s using it. As you can imagine, having a countdown clock means that instead of waiting in line, you will be making the most of that extra time. Perhaps you and your mom can grab coffee at the nearest Starbucks. When the clock gets low, NextME will send out another text, which you will reply to keep or cancel your reservation. From there, you will be notified when the restaurant is ready to seat you.

NextME has partnered with a number of top notch brunch spots in Chicago that you can take your mom to this Mother’s Day:

Kanela Breakfast Club, The Bongo Room , Le Pain Quotidien , Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria , Southport Grocery & Cafe ,Dryhop Brewers ,Corridor Brewery & Provisions , Whisk Chicago , Son of A Butcher , Café Selmarie , Wishbone

To learn more, visit our website. With NextME app, we turn waiting customers into happy customers.

PS: If your mom’s favorite restaurant is not using NextME, a digital wait list app, we have put together a nice referral program. Make sure to request NextME to the restaurant and we will compensate you once they sign up!

Wishing all the moms a Happy Mother’s Day from the NextME team! Happy waiting!